Stunning interior design and striking furnishings

Stunning interior design and striking furnishings

"Walls are no longer walls but trees, endless trees", a jungle of colour and floral explosions… when you choose FAP!

"Walls are no longer walls but trees, endless trees,”
a jungle of colour and floral explosions… when you choose FAP!

Imagine extending the perspective, opening the walls onto a wild yet relaxing nature… expanding the space, making it more airy, welcoming, comfortable, functional and at the same time, dramatic.

This is the mission we set ourselves in creating FAP Murals. Large-format wall tiles measuring 80x160 that are aesthetically refined and decorative by nature, designed to create a stunning decor.

Bold scenographic design

The result is that of a modern ceramic trompe-l'oeil that opens windows onto imaginative worlds, inspired by nature – woods, tropical forests, flowering meadows and grasslands – or by geometries from past times and other places with Texture Macro and Texture Kilim.

We are in the realm of pure experimentation, aimed at creating an Interior design that does not give up on having it all: hi-tech, versatile, lightweight ceramic slabs that are easy to move, lay, perforate, and customise. This technological soul is enclosed in extremely refined aesthetics, the result of research carried out together with our team of artists and artisans, with virtuosity pushed to the limit in the hyper decorations.

Bold scenographic design

The botanical and floral theme is investigated in the depths of the material and rendered on ceramic thanks to sophisticated technologies. Graphic superimpositions, colour glazes, reliefs, imperfections and metallic inserts between the warp of the patterns illuminate these design tiles in a powerful way.

Every single element or hyper-decoration in the FAP Murals collection is characterised by a detail that does not immediately catch the eye, but that speaks straight to the senses, and astonishes, a bit like Roland Barthespunctum: “what strikes me in a photograph is the wound it inflicts on me. It is the moment when the image looks at me and acts on my memory, acts on me.”

And so the ceramic landscapes of FAP Murals speak to the imagination, to memories, to emotions, and whose depth of range makes it possible to recreate the ideal landscape for every personality.

In fact, these design tiles pay homage to depth, thanks to the overlapping of textures, iridescent colours and matt and glossy inserts, enhanced by the large size.

Bold scenographic design