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Stoneware and white-body bathroom tiles

A new look for the bathroom with Rooy and Lumina Stone

The choice of bathroom tales is very important, because it gives character to the setting, determining the style and atmosphere, enhancing the spaces and making them more comfortable, practical and functional.  
In addition to the style and the ability to reproduce an endless variety of materials and finishes, porcelain stoneware and white-body tiles are also a guarantee of safety and performance. They’re both hygienic and healthy: they do not contain or release any substances, and they are non-absorbent and resistant to stains and the most aggressive detergents. They are easy to clean  and do not wear or scratch.


It’s surprising how such a robust, high-performance material is able to astound and appeal as much as a work of art or design. Imagine bringing a luminous beauty to your bathroom, with a wall-to-wall ceramic design featuring a wealth of details and gorgeous inserts. Imagine bringing a touch of sculptural elegance to the walls, able to stimulate the senses with endless tactile and visual sensations.These are the inspirations behind the new stoneware and white-body bathroom tiles by FAP.

Original, stylish and contemporary, Rooy is a collection of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles able to turn modern bathrooms into iconic settings.The three sizes - 75x75; 37,5x75; 75x150 – can be laid on the floors of spaces of varying sizes, turning even the smallest bathroom into the most attractive room in the house.

The elegant, contemporary colour range of Rooy, in dark, taupe, white and grey, the sophisticated, bright graphic details would be sufficient on their own to create the perfect furnishing project for a modern bathroom, but here at FAP we like to surprise and satisfy even the most eclectic, demanding project designer.

To stimulate new ideas for the modern bathroom, we’ve created a series of beautifully unique decorative elements, such as the 37.5x37.5 Domino Mosaic and the 75x75 Web Insert, perfect for creating modern boiserie, cornices or surprising full wall looks.

The Rooy collection is completed with a Mosaico and Macromosaico element, as well as special trims (shaped skirting tiles, step tiles, corner tiles, skirting element…) for a perfectly smooth finish.


With its warm, sophisticated material allure, Lumina Stone is a collection of white-body tiles characterised by original graphics and finishes, revealed on the ceramics with a graceful engraving technique, for strikingly tactile sensations.


The collection – in the rectified 30.5x91.5 size – comes in beige, grey and light, matt shades reminiscent of the colours of nature, beautifully sculpted with geometric relief designs and floral patterns.

Rock has all the decorative appeal of a sculpture, vibrant and pleasing to the touch thanks to a striking micro-stripe effect that livens up the wall.

Peak is a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge technology, elegance and material appeal.

Edge is a micro-sculpture subtly hinted at on white-body stone to create a graceful, intense chiaroscuro effect.  

Lastly, Flower is a nature-inspired texture, soft and glam like a relief wallpaper, for a uniquely romantic look.  

Lumina Stone is completed with mosaics like the brick element and the aged-look version, as well as special trims and steel listel tiles - in silver cromo, silver satinato, black silver copper, bronze, blu and fumé – to highlight and enhance the beauty of the surfaces.