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Sophisticated and contemporary: bathroom decor in PAT style

Decorating the bathroom can be a lot of fun if the tiles are small design pieces.

This is the prerogative of PAT, a collection with surprising colour schemes and sophisticated glossy surfaces, optical decorations and original mosaics... 

Bathroom Design Trends continue to change year after year, with stimulating proposals that spark the creativity and imagination of designers and design lovers.
But there is a trend that makes us particularly proud, a real style imprinted in a collection made by FAP, which confirms our aspiration to be a trendsetter, our commitment to meeting the needs of the most demanding and nonconformist customers.


Of course we are talking about the  PAT collection and its unique and eclectic patterns and colours, highly tactile and three-dimensional surfaces.
This refined white paste is characterised by decorative patterns and sophisticated designs, expressed in the trendiest pastel shades such as Grey, Sky, White, Rose, Beige, Ecru and Chocolate, Deco Blue and Black.

The bathroom tiles cover the walls with refined and sophisticated textures, enhanced by the bright colours of the 3D surfaces, decorations and five different mosaics: all that is needed to define the look of the room and give rhythm to the space.

That’s right, PAT makes decorating a lot of fun. It is ideal to create uniform carpets that resemble fabric, for bolder and more complex composition schemes, and for embellishing, finishing and making the architectural elements safer, more practical and functional like the bathroom top, shower box, niches, and kitchen splashback.

The PAT design is playful, sophisticated, and perfect for creating original designs both in the bathroom and kitchen.
The collection offers different stylistic and decorative possibilities – depending on the colour, application, decorative choices, etc. – and goes perfectly with the other FAP collections, from the wood-effect stoneware in classic staves or Chevron tiles of the FAPNEST collection, to the soft resin effect of Milano & Floor.