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Smart Workers, Freelance & Interior Design

Smart Working is a “win-win” model. Smart workers have increased by 115% and (according to Il Sole24Ore) the figures will grow further, in addition to the large number of freelance professionals.
FAP has some advice for designing the ideal home office...

In the United States, this winning model brings huge advantages - starting from economic benefits - both for workers and businesses, as demonstrated by a study by Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, reported in Sole24Ore.
In Italy this is a recent phenomenon, which comes in addition to the already large numbers of freelance professionals.

Home office. For designers, the buzzwords are ergonomics and multitasking. The spaces must be comfortable and functional, in terms of both structure and furnishing.
The first rule is to devote an exclusive space to the study, far from distractions and temptations yet close to the entrance to allow easy access for clients and collaborators.

The location allows one thing that is generally denied to workers in public or private businesses: natural light.
So let’s exploit it to the full, but taking care to position the desk so that the light doesn't reflect on the computer monitor.

Artificial lighting can be arranged with a ceiling light fitted with a dimmer switch to adjust the light over the workstation according to need, an adjustable lamp on the desk and halogen standing lamps to light a relaxation corner or lounge area.

Furnishings and colours are fundamental for both work performance and the pleasure of working in the study.
Clean shapes with a minimal design help concentration, and are also the ideal solution for small spaces. White makes the study brighter and seem more spacious, but in the long term can be tiring on the eyes.

It is better to choose pale and pastel colours, like the white or beige PAT white body tiles with a delicate, sophisticated design. And why not dare with darker shades, chrome- or satin-finished strip tiles to create frames or define colour blocks, to give the room a creative touch.

If the space is particularly small or shared, why not opt for tall furnishings, such as wide multi-purpose shelving, wall organisers, drawers with castors, light modular wood and metal units with a designer touch.

The flooring helps to increase the perception of size in the room, and certainly makes it warm and elegant. For the home office, FAP recommends FAPNEST wood-effect tiles in Silver or Maple, elegant matt-effect colours which add a natural touch to the study with the typical grains, knots and shades of wood.

Order and organisation increase productivity. So get rid of anything you don't need - unless they are a symbol of your profession or a special talent - and organise the workstation with a printer, and the other equipment and material you need.

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