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Smart, green & comfy

Domotics now seems but a distant memory compared to the innovations on show at New CeBit in Hannover - Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization -, one of the most important showcases for technology in Europe. Highlights of the new edition: IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, robotics, mobility and security, adding up to an impressive concentrate of innovation and networking.

Among the new developments is The Smart Home Experience – an incomplete ambition featuring a projection of tomorrow’s home, in which the focus is on guaranteeing comfort, wellness and efficiency, saving time and resources so we can finally concentrate on the important things in life.

In the home of the future, artificial intelligence meets the Internet of Things, connecting everything via Bluetooth and turning it into a “housekeeper” or “personal butler”.
The fridge will remind us what to cook, and will tell the oven how long to cook it for. The mattress will not only help us rest, but also offer us information on our sleep quality.

The bathroom will increasingly closely resemble a spa, with self-cleaning systems so we can focus on enjoying our hi-tech showers, aromatherapy, colour therapy and music therapy…

It’s no longer just a question of remotely controlling systems, lighting and security; it’s something more intimately linked to the quality of life. To create a particular atmosphere in a room – light, colour, sound – a vocal command will be all it takes.

Speaking of connections, in the home of the future, let’s imagine Connection, a collection of floor and wall tiles in high-technical-performance porcelain stoneware, which – thanks to increasingly sophisticated technologies – makes it possible to reproduce any material or material inspiration, bringing a touch of exquisite beauty and comfort.

Porcelain stoneware is perfect for the Smart Home Experience: high-performance, sustainable, safe, low-maintenance, stylish and beautiful, “a quality material …for life”.

The surfaces in the Connection series team high-tech performance with a colour palette inspired by nature, featuring shaded surfaces with a vintage allure that take their inspiration from raw, minimally processed materials, engaging attractively with the light.

This extremely versatile collection is suitable for any living style and mood, thanks to the three-fold inspiration underlying it: it’s a stoneware with a wood effect, but also a stone and spattled resin effect.

It can be used in hi-tech living rooms, to frame a home spa or create beautiful framing effects in the kitchen or bedroom, thanks to contemporary decorations such as the Round, Macromosaici, and Deco tesserae mosaics.

Let your home of the future have a super- Connection!