Salone & Fuorisalone

Salone & Fuorisalone

New interior design proposals at the Salone del Mobile (Furniture Show) 2018.

A record 57th edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile, matching expectations and its Manifesto!

Emotion. Positivity, enthusiasm, ambition, pride.
Endeavour. Product and process innovation.
Know-how: industry and craft.
Quality. Circular economy and attention to the environment.
Research. Materials.
Design. New design and architecture models.
(From the Manifesto of the Milan Salone del Mobile).

The new offers – behind and inside the Salone – combine design and comfort, digital technologies and sustainability.
The minimalism that has characterized design in the last few years gives way to a more eclectic style, which is based on the careful choice of materials, finishings and technologies, all aimed at living better.

In the new architecture and design projects, everything is focused on aesthetic and structural quality.
There is no longer a unique style but different languages, which offer great expressive freedom and express the special bond between craftsmanship and industry, with a return to decoration and details with sartorial workmanship.

The true protagonist of Milan Design Week is the colour green, which bursts into every environment and inspires increasingly sustainable solutions.
The house of tomorrow is green and smart, rich in floral essences, exotic and tropical plants, connected and technological.

One of the materials most sought after and explored by designers: aluminium, for its innovative and resilient character, especially outdoors. With regards to colour, on the other hand, elegant shades of clay and sand dominate, perfect for blending all the elements and with brighter trendy colours such as orange, green and rust.

The tactile aspect of furnishings and surfaces becomes an essential component of design, in line with the philosophy of the Salone in which everything tends towards the concept of “furnishing to be lived”, an aspect in which to find time for ourselves and rediscover the pleasure of otium.

The Salone also celebrates the rediscovery of wood, which returns with new decorations and unexpected colour shades, also as a wall covering, perhaps thanks to the possibility of encompassing in a single element – porcelain stoneware – the new stimuli of design: aesthetic and technological quality, practicality and comfort.

All the qualities of the new Connection collection!