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Roof party! Yes, but in line with the best trends worldwide.

From metropolises to big cities, it's Rooftop mania! Cocktails, dinners, shootings, important events... the most spectacular have a panoramic view of the skyline.

But how can we furnish the Sky Terrace of a loft, hotel or restaurant? Glass, concrete, metal and porcelain stoneware, slightly irregular matt and satin surfaces, naturally elegant textures, without breaking the number-one rule of interior design, continuity between indoor and outdoor.

Rooftop Design is one of the most interesting urban development trends of the past few years. An architectural fashion which has made its mark in metropolises like New York, spreading to popular tourist destinations and cities like Milan, creating new scenarios and new comfort spaces.

Luxury Hotels, Wellness & Spas, Sports Centres and Cocktail Bars have all opened outdoor courtyards, restaurants and lounge bars, hanging gardens, swimming pools and gyms. Highly sought-out places where we can chill out and discover the hidden wonders of the city, admiring breath-taking sunsets and starry skies. The furnishings are designed right down to the finest detail, playing with transparent surfaces, offering the pleasure of being outdoors even in the winter.

In the world’s most attractive rooftops, the continuity between indoors and outdoors is ensured by the flooring, which has two functions: to add warmth and elegance while guaranteeing maximum performance. The material of preference is porcelain stoneware, because it guarantees high chemical and mechanical strength. It doesn’t dirty, doesn't bend, is fireproof, non-slip, easy to clean, and maintains all its beauty over time.

Among the most popular solutions adopted by Rooftop Designers, wood-effect porcelain stoneware, because it can create an ambience that blends technology and beauty and is simple to lay. The colours of the moment are definitely matt, like those in the FAP FAPNEST wood-effect floor covering collection, ideal for private spaces, lofts and terraces, also available in the OUT version to create delightfully cosy scenes also on Sky Terraces.

The most eclectic Rooftop Design also plays sophisticatedly with contrasts, futuristic architecture and vintage details that add warmth, a textured mix-and-match that stimulates the senses and gives the space a unique, distinctive character.

The prerogative of our Milano&Floor, a resin-effect porcelain stoneware that reinterprets the theme of pleasantly tactile soft touch textures, is to add a touch of contemporary craftsmanship to the top floor.

FAP Let’s Roofing!  

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