The road that leads to Cersaie is paved with unbridled beauty...

The road that leads to Cersaie is paved with unbridled beauty...

Norberto Marzani, marketing manager of FAP Ceramiche, introduces #wonderfap

Norberto Marzani, marketing manager of FAP Ceramiche, introduces #wonderfap

FAP is a company that boasts a long tradition, yet knows how to renew itself and follow design trends. Where does its ability to anticipate future trends come from?

This is our mission! To study, research and interpret future trends.
It’s an enormous task which we have been performing in the field for 20 years, studying all the interior design trends, in architecture, in fashion and in lifestyle, from the kitchen to wellness, with the aim of expressing them in our creations.

What will the home of tomorrow be like?

It will be a home which is increasingly in tune with the personality of those living there, ever more personalized.   
In interior design, there are fewer and fewer set rules and increasing focus on matching personalities.
The research on styles, materials and finishes which FAP Ceramiche carries out is aimed at offering ever more solutions to personalize your interiors.

What are the main trends of today?

Color is once more important inside a home which, for years, has been dominated by minimalism and soft and dull colors. Walls are ideal places for “creating color”, also using ceramics! Another strong trend is decoration, floral and geometrical. Finally, the most important feature is 3D textures on walls, which we have been interpreting for some years.

At Cersaie you will be presenting an original collection, innovative compared to everything else in the Show. Can you give us a preview?

Pat is, for us, the super interpretation of interior walls in 2019.
We have dared to create walls with a decidedly “stylish” geometric pattern which is, at the same time, very delicate and soft. It’s a very particular and elegant product, offered in a range of soft but evident colors, characterized by a squared texture which – in the Deco elements – takes over and becomes very important.

At the same time, you offer products with a classic flavour, perfect for contemporary furnishing… what new elements are you presenting?

Roma Classic is our ongoing series, a product which is forever.
Six marbles, which we have interpreted in white paste ceramic for coverings, in a large format – 30.5x91.5 rectified – to be matched with three “Peaks”, 3D texturized surfaces which, in the light, create a beautiful moving effect on the wall. It’s a new great classic for all those who want to have the beauty of marble and the simplicity of ceramics.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware remains evergreen in interior design. What new developments will we be able to see at the Show?

FAP will present a new FAPNEST collection, a wood-effect porcelain stoneware which is essentially very delicate and soft, characterized by a natural diversity between one slat and another, in super contemporary colors, lightly coated with a very trendy grey veiling!
We will have a beautiful long slat 20x120 and a classic chevron format, for very elegant installations.

The FAP collections, while differing in their inspiration, seem to have been created for a perfect dialogue, as if each one has been conceived within a larger design. How does a FAP design begin?

The idea is to create a series of products that dialogue between them, creating the possibility – for the interior designer and whoever will live in the space – of having a wood-effect tile, a marble-effect tile, an intense bright solid color… and to be able to combine them by color shade or by contrast, and create a strongly personalized environment.

Cersaie 2018 is #wonderfap!
We await you with a stand full of new ideas, certainties and surprises!