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Renovation Japandi style

Looking for ideas to give your home a new look?

Discover the trend that blends Japanese and Scandinavian style to renovate your home.

What do Japanese and Scandinavian style have in common?
Undoubtedly, the simple, clean lines, conducive to relaxation, peace of mind and concentration. This meeting of styles has given rise to the Japandi trend, the rising star of simple yet delightful interiors that has recently also made its mark on sophisticated outdoor living spaces.

This new design concept for home renovation is perfectly in line with today’s new lifestyle demands: the need for space and a desire for increasingly versatile, multi-functional settings, in which the focus is on the lesson in freedom offered by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Less is more!

The simplicity and elegance of Nordic minimalism thus brings on board botanical elements and zen atmospheres, with minimal furnishings crafted in increasingly sustainable, natural materials such as wood. 

The only element with which it’s permissible to go overboard is the greenery, so you can enjoy as many plants as you like, since they improve air quality, to the benefit of well-being.

Another important aspect of Japandi style is harmony when it comes to colour: interiors painted with a palette of fresh, contemporary tones, featuring an appealing mix of natural shades and tints inspired by those of the earth, sky and landscape.

Wood takes pride of place in Scandinavian and Japanese style, for both coverings and furnishings, and is perfectly in keeping with wabi-sabi style, where the accent is on imperfection. Gnarls, wood grain, shifts of colour, patterns and textures able to bring warmth and vitality to the most minimal of settings, perfectly embodied today in an extremely flexible, technical material like wood-effect porcelain stoneware, which is hygienic, safe and sustainable as well as beautiful, and guarantees top performance.

Naturally imperfect and richly detailed, FAPNEST wood-effect stoneware tiles are ideal for combining style with practical appeal when it comes to home renovation.
Stave tiles, decorations and special trims such as shaped step tiles and skirting tiles, conceived for use both indoors and outdoors, inspired by prestigious, noble wood types typical of Nordic scenarios.


Clearly inspired by origami, the oriental art of paper folding – from the Japanese oru, fold, and kami, paper – the large (80x160 cm) Bloom Star slabs bring a beautifully light touch to the walls, which can be covered up to the standard height of 240 cm with just three slabs and a minimal number of joints

A perfect solution for aficionados of the minimalist look who are attracted by the expressive, engaging, decorative appeal of 3D walls.