Preview Cersaie 2023

Preview Cersaie 2023

A preview of Cersaie 2023 with Norberto Marzani, Marketing Manager of FAP Ceramiche.

Welcome to Colorland! This is FAP Ceramiche’s claim for the upcoming Cersaie at the Bologna Trade Show. It is a promise of colour, nature and textures through the pursuit of mix and match décor.

A journey into the world of colours.
Interview with Norberto Marzani,
FAP Marketing Manager

FAP distinguishes itself in the market through its extensive research into colour. How do you plan to captivate and amaze visitors at Cersaie 2023?
FAP distinguishes itself in the market through its extensive research into colour. How do you plan to captivate and amaze visitors at Cersaie 2023?

Why Colorland?
“By using carefully chosen colours, graphics and different inspirations – all unified by a colour code – the walls of each room will open up to reveal a world of colour, where each colour chosen transcends boundaries and extends across different types of surfaces.”

Minor spoiler!

“The colour Mint will be presented in a solid matt finish, accompanied by a matching small glossy brick. It will be found in tropical-themed decorations, very large surfaces depicting a forest and glossy onyx surfaces. All these references will be seamlessly unified by colour.” “It’s fascinating to see how colour can become different things depending on the material on which it is applied, on the designs and the reflections. Our aim is to demonstrate how references that were once distant from one another can come together, becoming cohesive, coordinated and usable together through the colour that unites them.”

Can you tell us something about the new Colorland palette?

“The palette is inspired by the captivating colours found in Nature. It goes beyond the colours of meadows and seas, encompassing the radiant brilliance of sunrises and sunsets, the atmospheres of deserts, salt lakes, and glaciers. FAP once again allows you to welcome Nature into your home, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.”

«Colorland is a journey into the world through colours. It offers the opportunity to create indoor landscapes.».

Five new collections!

“We will present five new collections, which fall into two major categories: three are part of the world of colour, of this exploration of global landscapes, and two are perfect replications of natural elements.”

Is there a common thread that unites them?
“The one that unites everything is Welcome to Colorland! Colour and Nature.
The exploration of colour, on the one hand, and the faithful reproduction of nature on the other.”
“Therefore, FAP operates on two levels: firstly, the ability to create something that was not there before through colour – it starts with nature and transforms it through the infusion of colour, crafting something new – and secondly, the ability to faithfully reproduce even the tiniest intricacies of a natural reference using state-of-the-art ceramic processing technologies. All of this is done with great skill to create products that are virtually indistinguishable from the natural reference.”

Can you give us a preview of the concept and inspiration behind each new product without revealing its name?

“The concept of the first collection is an energetic explosion of colour, presenting a wide range of shades and strokes of colour that can be applied to walls and coordinated with the floors.”

“Then there are the very large wall tiles in soft colours, showcasing a refined and contemporary style.”

“Polished onyx that expresses elegance and modernity: very important and precious references that are always infused with a contemporary flair.”

“The ceramic reproduction of a stylish stone that is incredibly accurate, both visually and tactilely.”

What impact do you expect Colorland to have at Cersaie 2023?

“I anticipate that it will inspire a feeling of optimism, zest for life and joy in those who enter these environments and those who visit us… I sincerely hope that our offering resonates positively with everyone, reigniting the desire to move forward, to adapt, innovate and renew.”

Come and admire
the new FAP landscapes at Cersaie 2023
We look forward to seeing you at Colorland!
Cersaie Fiera Bologna - 25 - 29 September