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Porcelain stoneware for outdoors

When wood-effect porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution for combining beauty and performance

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the materials of choice for outdoor design, as it offers the reliability, performance and strength of technical materials and the beauty of wood, while fitting perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Non-slip, waterproof and frostproof, outdoor porcelain stoneware maintains its beauty, guaranteeing the utmost safety even in very wet conditions, making outdoor spaces, courtyards and swimming pools more elegant. 

One of the most precious and resistant woods is oak because it is naturally rich in beautiful wood grains.
FAP has revisited this essence in its Roots collection: an untreated ceramic wood, intentionally rough and at the same time elegant because it enhances the naturalness and true materiality of oak, to take us back to our roots and encourage contact with nature.

These tactile, simple, authentic surfaces seem to pulsate with sap, due to the attention paid to minute details and the faithful reproduction of knots, grains and small cracks.
This very natural characteristic responds perfectly to the needs of contemporary living, where intimacy, a connection with nature, and wellbeing are sought without sacrificing beauty.


The Roots palette is also charming and natural, exploring the various shades of Gold, Honey, Taupe and Tobacco with warmer and cooler hues to meet different tastes and styles.

Alongside the classic 20x120 slat format, there is also the Chevron R R11 format (A+B+C) and the rectified Out 20x120 L-element, to create the ultimate finishes, stairs or raised platforms.

What also makes this wood-effect porcelain stoneware special is the light patina that recreates the chromatic vibrations typical of landscapes where nature reigns supreme.