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The perfect tiles for the bathroom?

They’re beautiful and shiny, like marble-effect ceramic tiles.

Elegant and shiny design objects, marble-effect tiles are synonymous with timeless luxury and beauty, but also with high-level performance and resistance: everything that a bathroom needs.

While natural marble is delicate as much as precious, the ceramic version, in contrast, guarantees technical advantages and doesn’t require maintenance. Marble-effect tiles are, therefore, able to satisfy both aesthetic demands and practical day-to-day needs.

The superiority of marble-effect tiles is affirmed by Architects and Designers, who recognise its extreme versatility and unique ability to lend prestige to all sorts of environments, adapting to different linguistic styles, from classic to ultra-modern.

Roma Classic has a modern, up-to -the-minute language; it’s a white-body ceramic that embraces the best of classic taste while adapting to exclusive, sophisticated, but also warm and intimate contemporary contexts, fulfilling dreams of beauty both for residential contexts and in locations dedicated to hospitality and wellbeing, such as Hotels, Spas and Wellness Resorts.

To develop the collection, we took inspiration from the most precious marbles in the Italian tradition: polished blocks with a look that is natural and alive, rich in veins and colour vibrations, and a palette of measured elegance: Calacatta, Beige Duna, Statuario, Nero Reale, Grigio Superiore, and Carrara.


The charm of marble is enhanced by the 30.5 x 91.5 size, perfect for bathroom tiles guaranteeing easy, uniform and spacious installations, to be finished with special pieces, such as skirting tiles, edges and connections.

For highly decorative bathroom wall coverings, Roma Classic offers fascinating 3D surfaces, that range from classic and sensual Damasco, to the geometrics of Peak, Mosaics and an intriguing Frames Inserto Mix (91.5x91.5).

For a captivating total-look marble bathroom, we suggest the combination with Roma Diamond, floors for interiors in glossy marble-effect stoneware. We also offer FAPNest, warm and elegant wood-effect floors, for those who love material combinations and the charm of wood.