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Outdoor Special: Beach house furnishings

Furnishing a beach house: when the outdoors become an extension of the home…


Furnishing and decorating a beach house can be a pleasant experience. However, a lot of planning or renovation often involves real challenges and difficult choices. Furnishing a beach house is always a prelude to enjoyable, carefree and relaxing moments on long summer days!

Beach house decor

When we think about beach house furnishings, we imagine light, tubular, versatile and, above all, easy-to-move furniture, light-coloured fabrics in natural fibres, wicker baskets, accessories and objects in organic materials, succulents and lemon plants.

If, on the other hand, we prefer outdoor furniture that maintains its beauty over time, we cannot go wrong with technical materials such as porcelain stoneware: it guarantees extreme resistance and does not deteriorate when exposed to atmospheric conditions, not even sunlight.

Large-format stoneware slabs allow you to cover entire walls and floors with just a few elements and to create perfectly matching tables, benches and outdoor furniture.

The Nativa collection is perfect for furnishing a beach house. It renews the aesthetics of stone to take on a more contemporary look while preserving its stunning beauty. 

A perfect combination of indoor Wall tiles (in format 120x120 + 60x120 + 80x80), outdoor floor tiles in stone-effect stoneware in the Out R11 finish and special finishing elements.


And why not be bold and choose a wooden floor for outdoors, again thanks to stoneware: an instant classic that is both essential and iconic, and promises the resistance and performance of a technical material and the indisputable beauty of the finest essences such as oak, interpreted with originality in the Roots collection.

Wood with a pulsating and vital soul, lacking only the scent of resin, perfect for seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor, and creating beautiful and enveloping spaces.

Last but not least, Summer, a collection of Wall Tiles and Porcelain Stoneware that celebrates the Italian summer, so perfect for the décor of a beach house.

Design tiles rich in imperfections reminiscent of handcrafted terracotta tiles, textured surfaces that recapture the vibrant, bright and relaxing colours of nature, for tone-on-tone or contrasting wall and floor combinations.

And so furnishing a beach house becomes a real journey among the materials, textures and colours of the Bel Paese, its artistic and handcrafted traditions.