Onyx-Effect Stoneware: stylish combinations and contrasts for all kinds of décor looks

Onyx-Effect Stoneware: stylish combinations and contrasts for all kinds of décor looks

Innovation and elegance for interior design projects packed with character and personality.

In the world of interior design, evolution is guided by an unceasing search for innovative materials able to transform living spaces by combining function with aesthetics.

Onyx-Effect Stoneware has a central role to play in this scenario, embodying both elegance and versatility and teaming the superb performance of porcelain stoneware with the unique beauty and sophistication of Onyx: this makes it an ideal option for creating stylish combinations and contrasts in living spaces brimming with distinctive character.

Onyx-Effect Stoneware: the latest design trend

Thanks to its ability to emulate the very essence of onyx, Onyx-Effect Stoneware is incredibly bright and sophisticated. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of styles and settings, from contemporary, minimalist living spaces to more classic, refined environments.

The sensual glow of onyx has inspired GEMME, a range of ceramic tiles at the service of architecture and interior design and ready to shape eclectic ambiences and bespoke décor solutions.

One of the most surprising features of Onyx-Effect Stoneware is its impressive ability to adapt to different kinds of projects and living spaces, ranging from bathroom floors to all kinds of flooring and covering solutions, aided by the availability of both large and small sizes in the collection: 60x120, 120x120 and 120x278.

The large-size stoneware tiles bring out all the beauty of the texture of onyx, creating reflections and vibrations that change depending on the colour chosen from the GEMME range, which features a series of delicate, modern shades - Cielo, Rosa, Menta, Beige, Bianco – that adapt perfectly to a wide array of styles.

The single 6 mm thickness allows for the creation of custom furnishing elements, such as shelves, tables, kitchen islands or large decorative backdrops that have practical functions and offer superb performance, as well as being hygienic and stylish.

Stylish combinations and contrasts for all kinds of décor looks with Onyx-Effect Stoneware

The intrinsic elegance of Onyx-Effect Stoneware blends smoothly into the most eclectic of settings, lending itself to bold combinations and sophisticated contrasts, and looks equally appealing in more classic, romantic living spaces.

For instance, combining the more neutral tones in the GEMME range with minimalist furnishings creates a strikingly contemporary sensation of space and light. To create bolder contrasts, the onyx-effect stoneware can be teamed with rougher, more material surfaces, such as tiles with an oxidised metal effect

GEMME is also able to shape a timelessly sophisticated look for aficionados of classic décor. Teamed with dark wood furniture or soft fabrics, it shapes a beautifully smooth, elegant ambience.

The versatility of this material allows for a splendid crossover effect shaped by different materials and colours, bringing an array of different sensations and styles to living spaces.

Onyx-Effect Stoneware is much more than a simple covering material: it’s an authentic style statement.

Its timeless beauty and ability to adapt to any setting gives it a leading role in the world of interior design.

Whether you’re seeking to create a contemporary setting or enhance a more classic décor look, it offers endless options for project designers, interior designers and design aficionados.

Onyx-Effect Stoneware is a perfect blend of innovation and sophistication that leaves a distinctive mark on the modern décor scene.