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New Year's Eve. Ceramics dress up for the evening!

Shiny black tiles, mosaics and sparkling decorations.
Even the bathroom dresses up for New Year’s Eve!

The shiny black tiles define an elegantly sensual setting, luminous by nature or lit with lights and candles, to create relaxingly seductive atmospheres. An even more sophisticated effect if the black bathroom tiles are inspired by the most precious traditional Italian marbles.


The prerogative of Roma Classic, the FAP collection that translates classic inspiration into contemporary allure, adding a touch of charm to the whole room. Mirror-finished surfaces, rich in stripes and grains reminiscent of the great natural marbles.

Roma Classic is like a sparkling evening dress for the bathroom, where you undress to get ready for the last evening of the year or, why not, the ideal place for a midnight toast, immersed in a tub with fragrant flower petals, for a uniquely romantic New Year’s Eve.

And for the perfect evening outfit, combinations and indispensable accessories are the mosaics and decorations of the Roma Diamond collection, an ode to the evergreen charm of polished marble.

Micro- and Macro-mosaico, Schegge and Mosaico Round in royal black, the splendid Roma Classic Damasco insert and, for those who won’t compromise on dual colours, the Roma Diamond Righe Carrara Nero Reale insert.

More tactile and contemporary is Rooy, the eclectic series of porcelain stoneware tiles in line with the most current interior design trends.
The black stoneware tiles are rich in tiny luminous vibrations that add rhythm and charm to walls and floors, for a highly attractive total look.

For a touch of elegance worth of the last night of the year or the most precious moments, the decoration Rooy Dark Web Inserto is characterised by sparkling abstract patterns and reliefs that enhance the ceramic like tiny jewels!

Rooy too holds surprises in store, with decorations like Rooy Dark Macromosaico and the highly original Domino Mosaico and Web Mosaico, which together create a unique and pleasantly multi-sensory setting for any evening of the year!