New Normality Design: furnishing a home office

New Normality Design: furnishing a home office

Furnishing a study or office requires a carefully designed project, which is always a complex task.

Furnishing a study or office requires a carefully designed project,
which is always a complex task.
The role of design in today’s new normality is more challenging than ever, because there are more delicate, sensitive aspects that come intro furnishing a home office.

Here are our ideas furnishing an elegant, functional home office.

2020 has turned our lives upside down in a way we could never have imagined, to the extent it has led to the coining of new expressions, a new way of imagining and experiencing the home that come under the heading of “the new normal”.

Remote working has required a complete reorganisation of the domestic environment, stating with the organisation of a home office able to guarantee sufficient comfort and peace and quiet for productivity, without encroaching on the space dedicated to other activities, such as relaxing and spending time with our loved ones.

For furnishing a home workspace, the general trend is towards a new minimalism: organised, multi-functional spaces that allow us to live and work comfortably even in small spaces.
For the furnishings, a flexible, modular design is recommended: tubular furniture with wheels, organiser units to store work documents, light, compact desks that can be moved around when necessary, and ergonomic chairs.

When furnishing a home office, it’s important to pay attention to colours, because the right colour scheme is not only pleasant to look at; it also boosts concentration. Something else that’s often useful – and therapeutic – is a good decluttering session to get rid of all the superfluous elements we don’t use and to simplify and streamline the workspace.

To complete the job, in line with the design trends for 2021, you might like to organise a little green corner or two, or a vertical garden, to breathe some extra life and vitality into the setting, with low-maintenance varieties such as Begonia, Pothos, Sansevieria, Jade Plant and Philodendron, as well as succulents and even herbs.

Working from home also obviously requires a “representation” area suitable for interviews, meetings and videoconferences.

These spaces must be an expression of ourselves, of our interests and professional qualities.

To create the perfect setting for our calls, we’ve chosen 3D wall, a perfect solution that’s quick and easy to create and can bring a touch of elegance, thanks to the shape and material beauty of the three-dimensional tiles, sometimes sculptural, but always light and different, depending on their inspiration and also on the practical appeal of the ceramic material, which is hygienic, safe, adaptable and resistant.


One rapid yet extraordinary solution can be created with the large 80x160 cm tiles in the Bloom collection, which can be used to create designer walls of up to 240 cm in height, using only three extra-light slabs that are easy to cut, pierce and handle, and are able to embellish your home office with surprising patterns – you can choose from Jungle, Dandelion and Delave -  and the smallest possible number of joints.