Natural & New Romantic	Home Décor

Natural & New Romantic Home Décor

Here’s how to give your home a new look or a décor makeover, with a reawakening of nature and romantic textures.

Here’s how to give your home a new look or a décor makeover, with a reawakening of nature and romantic textures.


Natural & New Romantic motifs, on-trend colour schemes and suggestions for flawless home décor looks! 

When it comes to considering home renovations or simply how to give our décor a makeover, perhaps the most complex aspect is establishing the mood we want to achieve.

There’s something to suit everyone in the Milano Mood collection, thanks to its impressive range of colours, sizes, patterns and decorative elements, from floral to geometric motifs with a Natural or New Romantic allure!

The series is composed of 50x120 wall tiles featuring sophisticated graphics with glossy textures on matt backgrounds and plain colours in delicate, glamorous pastel tones, along with perfectly coordinated porcelain stoneware floor tiles in a range of sizes, in plain colours and in a Gocce version in the shades Ghiaccio and Nebbia, as well as an ultra-modern Venetian terrazzo version.

The wall tiles range from the geometric, architectural shapes of Texture Triangoli and Texture Archi to the ultra-trendy Tropical in the colours Verde, Sabbia and Bianco e Nero, which can be perfectly coordinated with the stoneware tiles in the simple shades Ghiaccio, Antracite, Cemento and Nebbia.

Natural New Romantic Furniture
Natural New Romantic Furniture

A Natural & New Romantic home décor mood can be created using the other aspect of the Milano Mood collection, which offers a nostalgic take on the botanical theme.

Tiles in delightfully sweet shades of Cipria, Cielo, Perla, Acquamarina, Sabbia, Ghiaccio and Biscotto are ideal for gracing the walls, while Flower Cipria and Flower Blu bring a decorative touch with their matt and glossy contemporary patterns, featuring a cascade of flowers given a watercolour allure by the interplay of the light, thanks to a lacquering effect obtained for the first time at industrial level by Fap!

Flower Cipria is perfect for creating striking accent walls, romantic backdrops or picture-perfect ceramic features.

The tiles are exquisitely decorated with material, glossy flowers that stand out against the matt Cipria background and light up with gleaming, shimmering effects as the light engages with them.

Perfect for shelves, low walls, shower walls and decorative niches everywhere, the  Cipria Biscotto Arches Mosaico (in the 28.2X31 size) offers an original composition of arches with a romantic, vintage style that would be perfect for interiors with a mid-century furnishing style.

Natural New Romantic Furniture
Natural New Romantic Furniture

Light is back with a key role to play in Flower Blu, another beautifully romantic, nature-inspired design, ready to bring a light touch to walls and a fresh allure to the setting, thanks to the upward movement of the pattern and its wealth of shades of blue and shiny lacquering effects.

A gleaming idea to freshen up your home décor, or for your renovation projects!

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