Designing your own private oasis: the ideal shapes, colours and materials to guarantee wellbeing.

The new interior design trends once again favour of fans of industrial chic, while vintage and retro rule in the bathroom area. Free-standing bathtubs are a must, with sophisticated taps, deco furnishings and accessories and lots of green plants.

Also among the trends for 2018 is wabi sabi, the Japanese taste for the imperfect and the unfinished (remember the unfinished works by Michelangelo?), a style with a uniquely irregular appearance and a richly ancestral allure.

In this sense, a perfect option are the ceramic surfaces in the MAKU line, a porcelain stoneware and white-body collection inspired by natural stone, created in a number of different forms, colours, sizes and decorations and suitable for both residential and contract projects, leaving interior design professionals plenty of freedom to adopt solutions able to meet the various needs of customers.

MAKU stone-effect porcelain stoneware reveals all its organic beauty through veinings and colour details able to awaken striking tactile sensations and create a style full of elegance and charm. Ideal for creating a wabi sabi spa, the Maku Dark Matt and Dark Out wall coverings offer the enveloping sensation of warm, rocky walls, splendidly imperfect and in extremely relaxing colours.

The smooth overall ambience is completed by a floor tiled with MAKU Macromosaico Dark Out, a non-slip (certified R 11) porcelain stoneware that allows the user to enjoy the spa in complete safety.

The shower area is the ideal place to experiment with the contrasts of MAKU Trace & Déco Dark, original patterns and textures with a vintage flavour that bring pace and vitality to the material surfaces, easing and enhancing the shift from the pleasures of the spa to the world outside this private oasis.

Those who prefer lighter shades will love the Maku Grey surfaces and their exquisite satin finishes, or the taupe nuances of Maku Nut. Extra pace can be brought to the setting with the Rock surfaces or the Random mosaics.

If you’re aiming for a botanical effect in line with the latest trends, the ideal decor element is MAKU Mosaic Ramage, the white-body mosaic with a continuous motif that can be used to create floral patterns with a striking material effect and bring a unique style touch to the setting.

Get inspired by Maku!