My comfy house: furnishing trends 2021

My comfy house: furnishing trends 2021

A look at the furnishing trends for 2021 to organise your interiors, boost comfort and freedom of movement and express your personality!

A look at the furnishing trends for 2021 to organise your interiors, boost comfort and freedom of movement and express your personality!

Furnishing trends 2021 for the home offer endless inspirations, and above all, are geared towards organising spaces to boost well-being and comfort and respond to new lifestyles and home living styles, since – now more than ever before – the home has become our own little universe, where we can express our personality.

2021 homes are a mix of nature and technology.
The new trends place the accent on minimalism: a simpler, more functional home, featuring the bare minimum in terms of furnishings, with no superfluous or bulky elements, for comfortable, organised interiors able to guarantee a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Trends include double sofas for relaxing, convivial moments, as well as light, designer furnishing elements and foldaway tables, ideal for creating open, multi-functional spaces to cultivate our interests, or to create a study, a home office or an exercise area. 

Technology is conceived as a means to improve everyday activities and comfort in the home. Home automation systems, high-tech domestic appliances with apps for remote control are a discreet feature, which can be teamed with lush, flourishing plants, another must in 2021 furnishing trends

Nature makes its way into the home not only in the form of little gardens, including vertical features, but also as a concept: in the sense both of balance and harmony between man and technology, and of respect for the environment, with a preference for natural materials such as wood, ecological alternatives such as bamboo, and new low-impact technological materials.


Nature also makes an appearance on classic design elements, taking on an increasingly multi-sensory approach, with floral textures, botanical elements and supremely tactile, material patterns becoming a major feature of ceramic surfaces.

Fap is one step ahead of these furnishing trends with the new Summer and Lumina Sand Art collections.

Summer boasts a trend-inspired colour scheme, with warm, comforting shades that take their inspiration from Italian landscapes and feature vibrant, material surfaces characterised by imperfections that betray the inspiration of the tiles, offering a contemporary new take on hand-crafted terracotta.
The collection, complete with wall tiles, stoneware floors, decorations and special trims, can be used to create beautifully smooth, elegant total-look interiors.

Lumina Sand Art offers another material take on ceramics.
Inspired by the movements of sand, it offers surfaces never before seen in the world of tiles: the relief flower pattern of Blossom, the playful, material patterns of Touch and the geometric rigour of Stripes.

All these variants encounter different tastes, while heading in the same direction: towards bringing natural beauty to walls and creating pleasantly sensory, expressive settings.

Superbly artistic wall tiles, in both gloss versions for extra shine and extra matt for a slightly textured effect.