Mosaic Tiles, an Evergreen

Mosaic Tiles, an Evergreen

Mosaic tiles are an evergreen in interior design, a classic expedient for enhancing settings in the bathroom and the spa.

Mosaic tiles are an evergreen in interior design, a classic expedient for enhancing settings in the bathroom and the spa.

Mosaic, from the Medieval Latin “musaicus” which we often find in the phrase “musaicum opus”, a mosaic work, derives from “musaeus” that is, Muse, she who inspires and protects the arts.
The divine aura surrounding the etymon could explain the timeless nature of mosaic tiles, their quality of still being contemporary after centuries, still desired and sought after by the more eclectic and innovative designers, especially for furnishing locations associated with leisure, wellbeing and relaxation.

The ancient technique has crossed epochs and continents, challenging tastes, styles, techniques and figurative languages, from Mesopotamia to the Spain of Antoni Gaudí, reaching artistic heights also in Italy in the Roman and Byzantine era.

Piastrelle a mosaico

Today 3d tiles are a must in interior design; mosaics have found new energy and charm thanks to their decisive decorative quality and their seductive power, irrespective of stylistic preference.

Fap explores the modernity of mosaics according to their unique characteristics, ranging from the reproduction of the classic marble mosaic, to more surprising, essential and playful forms.

Alongside the splendid Roma Diamond white body tesserae, the  antiqued Micromosaic and the rigorous Macromosaic in porcelain stoneware stand out, as well as original mosaics such as Round and Schegge for finishing with a super-elegant herringbone pattern.

Roma Diamond Frammenti and the exclusive Caleido Frammenti also take up the mosaic theme, developed in an artistic, bright fashion in black e white.

The contemporary, playful and colourful Pat mosaic tiles are an intriguing mix of material and volumes, full and empty spaces of colour in Slash Mosaico, geometric vivacity in Triangolo Mosaico, also in the Deco version, with really original patterns that recall pointillism.

Not a mosaic, but resembling one, the Pat Pixel Inserto element is an original format for a decoration that we could define as 4.0.

Piastrelle a mosaico

The vibrant and bright Mat&More mosaics demonstrate how this classic décor can be truly contemporary.

The small white body tesserae, each one different from another, capture the eye and invite the touch to fully experience the 3D surfaces in fresh and delicate colours.

Lumina Stone, the white body mosaic, is authentic, warm and material, a tribute to ancient mosaic art, to stone and to the colours of the earth (light, grey and beige), elements that take form on antiqued Mosaico, Brick Mosaico e Brick Macromosaico tiles.