Mini flat! How to furnish a small flat

Mini flat! How to furnish a small flat

Tricks & Tips for furnishing a small city flat and turning it into a “gem.”

Tricks & Tips for furnishing a small city flat and turning it into a “gem.”

How do you furnish a small flat?
This…. is not a problem!
There are no limits when using very large formats, thanks to their practicality and ease of installation.
So get ready to customise the space!

Large slabs for furnishing a small flat

Large slabs are perfect for furnishing a small flat, as they allow spaces to be covered and characterised with only a few elements.

  • They are practical and versatile: easy to drill, move and lay.
  • They offer the utmost creative and design freedom and allow you to create extremely airy and fluid spaces.
  • They amplify the sense of space and offer seamless surfaces, for an uninterrupted beauty without gaps.



Tricks & Tips for furnishing a small flat

Furnishing a small flat with large slabs means livening up the space, breaking through the walls, lengthening the perspective, and adding air and space to small rooms.

When furnishing small flats, décor is often neglected, as are furnishings that may be too bulky or overbearing and trinkets that may please those living in the home, but may saturate the space.

While it is true that a small room requires basic and clean forms to maximise the space, it is by no means true that décor must be forgotten!


FAP’s large size comes in a multitude of intriguing textural and chromatic effects and original designs.

The lowest common denominator is the meticulous and unprecedented attention to detail, capable of providing continuous elements of surprise!

And it is precisely the large slabs that can be entrusted with the task of decorating the space, embellishing it with floral, botanical or geometric patterns according to the taste and style of the home, without neglecting anything that can give aesthetic pleasure and make small interiors more attractive!




The shiny and satin-finished marble-effect, resin-effect and oxidised metal-effect stoneware slabs of the FAP Maxxi collection, for example, make it possible to create total-look furnishings and stylish furniture, such as walk-in wardrobes and headboards. It adapts with great agility to cover any surface and offers the highest degree of customisation thanks to the size of 120x278 cm and thickness of only 6 mm.


The same creative and design freedom is offered by the FAP Murals 80x160 cm slabs, a collection conceived and created to amaze and envelop spaces in natural beauty. This is made possible by a repertoire of woods, jungles and floral carpets created by overlapping textures and patterns, embellished by glossy textures on matt backgrounds, which create great depth to make even the smallest flat feel bigger!




Discover the possibilities of large slabs
to furnish small flats!