Maxxi large format tiles & Fap Murals

Maxxi large format tiles & Fap Murals

Large format tiles have finally become SMART: intelligent, elegant, easy to install.
Brilliant solutions for developing truly SMART interior design projects!

Large format tiles have finally become SMART: intelligent, elegant, easy to install.
Brilliant solutions for developing truly SMART interior design projects!


Large format tiles which are finally SMART! This adjective describes something which is intelligent, elegant and brilliant.
The acronym describes an authentic working model structured by objectives - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based – useful for any project, also a furnishing one!

To achieve the best results, in fact, an objective must be specific.

In the case of a design project, it’s necessary to have very clear ideas, know the limits of a space and its possible problems, in order to overcome them and achieve the desired result.

To optimise the time required to complete the project, it’s better to set measurable objectives, establishing intermediate stages to review and assess progress. The objectives must obviously be achievable – effectively reachable according to the space, structure and resources available - and relevant, effective and perfectly integrated in the project as a whole, considering also the cost-benefits.  

Finally, the objectives must be time-based, established according to precise deadlines, in order to be able to adopt possible corrective actions as the work proceeds.

Interventions with ceramics, such as in an interior project, must be SMART, especially if we are dealing with large format tiles:

  • Simple to install
  • Manageable and easy to drill
  • Artistic in the effects
  • Rich in material, graphics and colour
  • Textures and patterns which are refined and for all tastes

Simple and easy to handle, also in large formats


With the evolution of ceramic techniques, in fact, large format tiles have become simple, easy to handle and, thanks to increasingly reduced thicknesses, easy to install, move and drill, for developing complex and personalized and, finally, also more accessible projects.

New digital printing techniques make it possible, in fact, to achieve extraordinary effects with millimetric precision and surprising fidelity, approaching even the most precious and sought-after ceramics.


Artistic tiles in the effects

Fap large format tiles are decidedly artistic! They are the fruit of an aesthetic-stylistic research which encompasses techniques borrowed from the world of art and crafts, experimented with different materials until achieving the desired effects, so original for the world of ceramics that – decontextualized – can take on the value of a painting or a modern trompe-l'oeil.

This is the case with Fap MURALS, a series of scenic coverings in 80 x 160 format that recall tropical jungles, floral mantles, geometric patterns, as well as kilim carpet weaves, different inspirations united by the shiny effect of the patterns on matt backgrounds.

Rich in material, graphics and colour

Rich in graphics and colour, large format tiles make it possible to characterise the environment, enhance it and create a sense of depth, creating something beautiful using very few elements. Material surfaces, graphics in relief, contemporary and mellow colours characterise BLOOM, a series of coverings in 80x160 cm format, which can cover walls of up to 240 cm in height with only three slabs.

The collection includes very particular 3D tiles that make it possible to create a pleasant dynamic feel with chiaroscuro and light contrasts.


Refined patterns and textures for all tastes

Fap interprets contemporary taste and lifestyle offering – together with the performances and practicality of the ceramic material – veritable narratives, written on a variety of patterns and textures, designed to adapt to different styles and applications and to make the environment more welcoming, captivating, alive and stimulating.

Fap MURALS is ideal for those wishing to create artistic or even dematerialised walls, bringing into being evocative scenes or indoor gardens, using very few elements which, besides being hyper-decorative, also play an important role by offering the illusion of expanding surfaces, generating space also in environments with less generous dimensions.


Fap MAXXI is ideal for those who love an elegant total look.

A ceramic collection of floors and coverings in resin effect and marble effect stoneware, in 120x278 format and thickness of only 6 mm, which makes it possible to cover entire walls without interruptions and without horizontal joints, perfect for creating continuous walls and lending visual continuity and a sense of space, allowing for maximum design freedom.