Material, 3D surfaces to reach out and touch

Material, 3D surfaces to reach out and touch

Material, 3D surfaces to reach out and touch. The success story of three-dimensional tiles.

Material, 3D surfaces to reach out and touch.
The success story of three-dimensional tiles.

The success of three-dimensional tiles, now a well-established "must-have" in interior design, derives from its undisputed decorative qualities, able to turn tiles into an artistic, sculptural creation. And it’s from the world of art and crafts that Fap takes its inspiration every time a new collection is conceived, focusing on the history and versatility of ceramics and the style and manual ability Italy is known for worldwide.

The aim is to create something completely new: 3D decorations and tiles for walls able to bring character to new architectural creations and add a touch of emotion to interiors. Sustainable, multi-functional, eclectic Italian ceramics that help Architects and Interior Designers to engage with one another to boost their functional and expressive potential. And what better place than the bathroom to embellish walls with relief motifs and tactile covering materials?

The 3D tiles with horizontal motifs amplify our visual perception, making small rooms appear more spacious, while vertical motifs are perfect for streamlining the setting, making the bathroom appear higher and giving it an airy look.

They can be used to bring character to one or more walls, to create a backdrop for a free-standing bathtub or to tile the whole shower area, creating a relaxing little oasis.

This is the case in this bathroom, where the 3D wall takes on a statue-like beauty, thanks to the peak element in the Lumina Stone collection. Featuring a stone-effect porcelain stoneware with a confident, rigorous, elegant pattern, enhanced with a pleasant interplay of light and shade created when it encounters the light.

The natural light, just like the lighting elements, makes the 3D walls even more delightful.


As it is laid, it creates pleasant light reflections and shades of colour that light up the beauty of the tiles and enhance the design; this is the case, for example, of the Mat&More tiles that focus on a combination of glossy 3D effects set against matt base tiles.

An innovative surface that combines geometries and colours, light and volumes in accordance with a contemporary design, from the playful, lively Deco element to the more rigorous Domino and Metal Insert (in the photo), all sharing the tactile & shining character that is the hallmark of the Mat&More collection.

Art makes its way into the bathroom with the Bloom collection and its large decorative panels, while the walls feature elegant relief geometric effects reminiscent of the engraver’s art. The large 80x160 size enhances the beauty of these 3D walls that resemble a work of sculpture.

Light caresses the shapes and heightens the beauty of the 3D tiles, creating different atmospheres depending on the decorations chosen, from the flowing, relaxing Print element (in the photo) to the livelier, more contemporary metal inserts (Bloom Metal Insert) and the natural look of the Bloom Rose and Bloom Delave inserts that take on the silvery light of the moon and the fiery red glow of sunset when they encounter the light.


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