Materiality and Color

Materiality and Color

Materiality and color are protagonists in the new interior design trends

Materiality and color are protagonists in the new interior design trends: ceramic surfaces characterized by great chromatic energy, heavily tactile and three-dimensional.
Space can become a generator of continuous emotions, the ideal dimension for expressing creativity and uniqueness.

This is the prerogative of Color Line, the new FAP Ceramiche line conceived to enhance the design contribution of color and material, following the trends unveiled at Maison&Object Paris and the Milan Salone del Mobile.

The creative concept of the collection is “color is emotion”.
Color brings the material to life and color is transformed into decoration, to inspire expressive furnishing solutions able to generate a fascinating tactile and visual experience.

The coverings in white paste, in the original 25x75 size, are colored with perfectly combinable glamor shades, which make it possible to create original settings, enlivened by sophisticated chromatic effects and by the rich material quality of the surfaces.

Palette line color
Perla is chic and elegant, Ghiaccio refined and essential, Avio sophisticated and eclectic. Salvia, among the most trendy in 2018, gives spaces a feeling of freshness. Beige transmits an enveloping softness and Marsala great chromatic energy.

The visual and geometric symphony of Deco
Maximum contemporary expression is found in the Deco element: geometric patterns create movement and dynamisms through different installation possibilities, utilizing its cold tones of grey and dove-grey.

The material three-dimensionality of Rope
The tactile experience is exalted in the Rope structure, in which the material seems to free itself from the two-dimensionality of the surfaces and the ceramics seem to vibrate with color, to dialogue with the light, prompting the desire to touch them.

Materiality and color, also in the decorations
Micromosaico, Micromosaic Deco and Mosaico Round, together with special pieces, complete this line of contemporary moods, freeing up design inspiration, offering creative possibilities for inserting original elements, frames, precious niches and backdrops.

Last but not least, the metal Wand Pink Gold, Cromo Silver, Satinato Silver, Blue Micromatita, to create sophisticated grafts and interesting contrasts between the sinuous movement of the ceramic material and the lustre effect of metal, for a must-have material combination.

Wake up your senses with Color Line!