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Luxury guest bathroom

How to make a small guest bathroom magnificent

Small yet spacious, with a simple yet stylish look, the guest bathroom could soon become your favourite room in the house.



Less is more”: the words of the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe are top priority in small rooms, with attention to design coming a close second. The guest bathroom should represent the household, so it’s important for it to transmit the right mood, and to make sure it’s attractive and inviting.

Even if the room is small, it’s possible to make the most of the space available, bringing character by using fully suspended bathroom fittings, designer radiators and ergonomic, functional furnishing units, which allow you to gain extra space. More rounded shapes will help create a smoother look and a more inviting ambience.
For a lighter, more airy look, transparency is the key: glass or plexiglass shelves and continuous mirrors create a pleasing optical illusion, amplifying the perception of space

This objective can also be achieved by using shiny surfaces, light colours and highly polished finishes for the bathroom walls. Ideal to create this effect are the marble-effect bathroom tiles from the Roma Diamond collection, with such a glossy, reflecting appearance that they are able to amplify the sensation of space even when the darker, more elegant tones are used.

The function of light is essential. If possible for the room, you might like to opt for lighting with a layering effect: spotlights on the ceiling, lamps on the console table or bathroom shelf and a floor lamp to amplify the space. A perimeter lighting system with spotlights or LED lights helps add depth.


For a more striking look, the lighting can be enhanced by setting it into the furnishing elements or the niches, or even better, by choosing bathroom tiles designed to engage with the light, such as Mat&More.

3D bathroom wall tiles, featuring glossy patterns on a matt background and dynamic relief geometries. All it will take is a flick of the switch to create delightfully sparkling light vibrations able to turn a simple room into a deluxe bathroom.  

Giving your bathroom a new look is a splendid adventure, and Fap can offer a helping hand in designing it.
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