Total Restyling with minimal intervention



FAP artisan mosaics are able to satisfy your every restyling requirement, with a unique, sophisticated, personal style.

The key concept in interior design is to customise, so as to bring your own personal touch and vision to every setting. Our Dark Side Mosaics are perfect for this, offering a range of different styles you can dip into to find your own personal inspiration.

Our designers have brought gorgeous graphics to the ceramic surface, creating a virtuous circle that extends beyond the individual tesserae to create never-ending decorations on beautiful surfaces able to capture the light and turn it into coloured emotions, and above all to bring a radical change to the look of any setting, with minimal intervention.

All the natural beauty of the floral theme, currently right on trend in interior design, is evident in Night Flower. Flowers burst into bloom on the tiles, creating a sophisticated, dreamy effect, easy to imagine in a contemporary, romantic bedroom or a luxury bathroom.

Black and white meets the romantic look in Damasco Black & White, an audacious combination of simplicity and sophistication, inspired by damask fabric and ready to bring a vibrant touch of elegance to your settings.

Also available in the Damasco Black Gloss version, a mosaic with a pleasantly plastic effect, in which the glossy glaze decoration emerges from the matt surfaces, perfect for total black or black and white bathrooms.

Rational graphics are in evidence in the Ring Black line, featuring scintillating liquid rings that intersect to create a captivating geometric effect. We can see it in contemporary kitchens and living rooms with a no-frills style and with large windows to let the light flood in and light up the decoration, creating delightful silvery reflections.

The ceramic material becomes a support for brushstrokes of contrasting glazes in Bands, a mosaic that brings pace and vitality to the walls, perfect for creating spectacular effects in living or dining rooms, or to bring an original, unique touch to public settings such as elegant coffee houses or restaurants.

Finally, Cross Silver is a simple yet sophisticated mosaic, in which textures and tesserae engage with the light to create an example of rare elegance, aided by the dark shades, the chrome effect and above all the bronze and copper tones that provide on-trend material inspirations. Cross Silver is extremely versatile, making it perfect for contract settings or to furnish your home spa.

Find your inspiration with FAP Dark Side Mosaics!