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Leisure and pleasure design

Let’s talk about Squishy furniture!
It’s the design trend that exalts roundness and softens volumes to create super-inviting environments…


Squishy! Literally soft and spongy, something doughy, enveloping and comfortable, a bit like Leisurewear.

Ça va sans dire, everything that can make our free time more comfortable and pleasurable, which we can find on our return home, enabling us to finally relax completely!

Sinuous, round shapes and soft volumes to enjoy freely without meeting obstacles and sharp edges. An essential and harmonious furnishing, enhanced with accessories with rounded silhouettes, cushions and soft fabrics in which to sink as if held in a long cuddle.

So that the pleasure of this embrace never ends, let’s take a look at four very original ways to interpret the theme of roundness in design!


Roundness on the wall with Fap MURALS

To interpret roundness in an original way, Fap MURALS texture Macro: circles, semi-circles and rounded geometries portrayed on 80x160 ceramics that make it possible to create just the right background for a corner of the house or for covering an entire wall with very few elements.


Seventies roundness with Milano Mood

Ideal for those who love 1970s design, Milano Mood texture Archi, the covering that plays with round and arc shapes in a very rhythmic “completely full” design, enhanced by matt and glossy textures that make the graphic fullness extremely light and bright. 


Round and statuary with Roma Gold

Another original interpretation of roundness with Roma Gold, a marble-effect collection that takes on the circle and arc theme in a statuary style, thanks to shiny surfaces inspired by the marmor lunensis of Carrara, naturally elegant and timeless, with the Decoro City Inserto Mix!


Daring for fun with Roots

And why not dare with a wood! Inherently round in the trunk, full of veining, alive, always associated with welcoming interiors, expressing warmth, harmony and wellbeing. 

This is the prerogative of the new Roots ceramic wood, a versatile stoneware in slats and chevron-shaped, in really warm nuances, ideal for creating Squishy environments!