Kitchen tiles: the return of cement tiles

Kitchen tiles: the return of cement tiles

Timeless charm, sense of craftsmanship and sophisticated nuances.

Timeless charm, sense of craftsmanship and sophisticated nuances. This is the stylistic hallmark of the FAP’s hexagonal stoneware cement tiles, perfect for covering the modern kitchen.



A product of the large-scale urbanisation between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, the Cement tile was created as an element of “popular” furnishing, the result of the recovery of building materials such as cement, sand, marble fragments and natural oxides.

Today it’s extremely “pop” and stylish. Everybody wants it because it embodies the new contemporary aesthetics characterised by functionality and beauty.

Authentically antique, in fact, cement tiles are perfect for every environment, from the bathroom to the living room, and adapt to interpret different styles depending on the colour, the graphics and the finishing, ranging from contemporary to old-fashioned, from romantic chic to vintage.

Stoneware cement tiles obviously offer something extra: the aesthetic beauty of craft products that recall liberty and art deco, and the exceptional technical performances of porcelain stoneware - compact, non-absorbent, impenetrable and easy to clean - perfect for environments like the kitchen and the bathroom, being resistant to water, to humidity and to detergents. 

FAP’s cement tile pays tribute to  Firenze, a city that, alongside the arts, witnessed the flourishing of artistic craftsmanship at its height, reproduced in all its evocative force on matt surfaces in hexagonal format, rich in nuances, powdery tones and exclusive decorations. 

Two souls coexist in the same collection.


The warm and refined one, perfect for classic or rustic surroundings – encapsulated in the tabacco, cuoio, dorato shaded surfaces and the Decò Beige element – and the more contemporary soul of the white, grey and black tiles, ideal for characterising sophisticated or vintage-feel environments, to create entire flooring carpets with an elegant textured movement or decorative inserts that anticipate “op art”, as in the case of Decò Grey.

Every hexagonal cement tile has a different pattern and different nuances of colour.

Depending on the installation combinations, it’s possible to reproduce textured, scenographic effects and intriguing optical illusions.

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