Kitchen floors: three ceramic trends to keep an eye on

Kitchen floors: three ceramic trends to keep an eye on

Floor and wall coverings shape the kitchen setting and give it a distinctive atmosphere.

Here are three inspirations to choose the ideal mood for your kitchen!

Floor and wall coverings shape the kitchen setting and give it a distinctive atmosphere.

Here are three inspirations to choose the ideal mood for your kitchen!

While the living room is – at least by vocation - the social centre of the home, the kitchen is undoubtedly the place we spend most time in, the setting for our most intimate, convivial, pleasant moments, and the place where we chat with and confide in our loved ones.
The ideal kitchen is comfortable, functional, spacious and suitable for entertaining. The perfect kitchen is also able to satisfy our innate desire for beauty, and modern style is the best choice to achieve all this.
Or perhaps we should say modern styles, since there are several of them, all different and each able to tune into and satisfy different personalities. So let’s talk about classic, minimal and decorative.

Modern Classic interior design

Classic is synonymous with eternal, exemplary, timeless… and this is why modern interior design must be elegant, contemporary and chic.
FAP has interpreted this style with the polish of the finest Italian marble from the Roma Classic collection, shaping beauty on the 30.5x91.5 white body slabs, a brand-new size that enhances the classic, expressive charm of marble, with its vibrations and veins.

The marble-effect tiles come in a natural, contemporary colour palette - Calacatta, Carrara, Beige Duna, Grigio Superiore, Nero Reale and Statuario – each characterised by different surface effects that reflect all the natural beauty of marble.


The eloquent, contemporary character of Roma Classic is evident in Nero Reale, Grigio Superiore and Roma Classic Frames Inserto Mix. The beauty of these surfaces provides the inspiration to create settings with a total look: walls entirely covered in marble, striking floors and backdrops, as well as furnishing elements – kitchen islands, open sideboards or open shelving, ultra-chic worktops and sinks  - that can be given the perfect finish with special trims and decorations, such as the chrome or satin-finish listel tile.

Minimal interior design


Equally timeless is the minimal style: essential, contemporary and able to create a unique sensation of space. Furnishing kitchens with a minimal style means making them more functional, tidy and practical, especially if you have the opportunity to create an open-plan kitchen that looks onto the dining room or living room. The fluid atmosphere, the formal rigour, the no-frills furnishings and the abundant use of black and white make everything more pleasant and spacious. High-performance materials and household appliances, units and shelves that are either suspended or integrated into the furnishings, clean-cut, simple, incredibly striking lines: the minimal kitchen is not only functional - it’s also fabulous!

An ideal solution for this concept are the modern, eclectic stone-effect surfaces.
With our NUX collection of stoneware and white body tiles, you can create a whole furnishing style, complete with floor and wall coverings and worktops, to give the kitchen a seamless style imprint.
NUX offers an extremely faithful reproduction of natural stone, with surfaces featuring richly detailed veining effects and shifts of colour that transmit pleasant tactile sensations, bringing a sense of balance and harmony.
The 45x90 size also makes NUX perfect for creating kitchen backsplashes and tops, with a practical horizontal laying scheme featuring different textures within the same tiles.
The rich variety of sizes, decorations, mosaics and special trims make the collection perfect for furnishing all residential settings, as well as contract environments, thanks to the excellent performance of ceramic material.


Modern Decor design

Completing this trio of the coolest trends is decorativism, the new expression of contemporary design that seeks to surprise by creating engaging atmospheres with an increasingly artistic allure.

Modern Decor is a classy reaffirmation of the personality of the host, through the creative and artistic power of design, reflected in brand-new ceramic surfaces that highlight shapes and material inspirations, enhancing them with surface finishes and effects.

This is the case with the eclectic style of Lumina Stone, a ceramic project that makes decoration a peerless element thanks to 3D surfaces with brand-new decorations that offer a newtake on geometric and floral patterns.
Surfaces appear sculpted, with a wealth of material appeal and neutral colours that enhance the full-bodied look, especially with the 30.5x91.5 Peak tile, an extraordinary ornamental, sculptural surface that adds personality and style to spaces, making the kitchen an ultra-classy environment, perfect for open-plan projects or kitchens that open onto the living room.

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