It’s time for modernico

It’s time for modernico

It’s time for modernico: the triumph of contemporary vintage!
Interior design: searching for the perfect blend of contemporary and vintage, teaming trends with tailor made.

Modern and contemporary, but with an ancient allure, with a preference for the original and materials with characters. “Modernico” is the trend that’s a recurring feature in the dreams of design lovers!

From private residences to public settings, projects follow the rigorous approach of contemporary design: simple lines, fluid, multi-functional spaces, furnishings and accessories created with innovative or recycled materials… (sourced from the most exclusive vintage street markets)!

The world of design offers endless ideas, from the loft apartments in Tribeca to fabulous building regeneration experiences worldwide. There’s more than one way to team contemporary with vintage, and the key to a successful project is realising the dreams of the people it’s designed for.

Bespoke, Tailor made… however you prefer to call it, the original element – created to make the client’s dreams come true – is what makes the difference when it comes to furnishing or restyling projects.
Once the soul and the structure of the project have been established, it becomes easier to think about the individual spaces, furnishing them and giving them a personal touch in line with the mood required.

Contemporary soul, vintage details

For strikingly contemporary projects for spacious settings, Maku is perfect for teaming modern with retro.
This porcelain stoneware collection offers material surfaces packed with character: the immanence of stone, the genteel appeal of colour, different textures and sizes, ready to create original, perfectly customised projects for any setting, both residential and contract.

The deliberately imperfect surfaces of Maku floor and wall coverings form the ideal backdrop for a vintage-style furnishing look with touches of green. This collection offers an inexhaustible wealth of stone-effect white-body wall coverings, monochrome with sophisticated decorative, three-dimensional and material textures, including a brick tile (a must on the contemporary style scene), as well as stoneware floor tiles that seem to strike a perfect balance between architectural rigour and warmth.

Vintage soul, contemporary details

For a project with a vintage soul, the best choice is Firenze, a porcelain stoneware with a hand-crafted flavour , just chic and retro enough for contemporary furnishings, re-design work, artistic prints, elements and accessories in vibrant, trend-inspired colours.
The signature feature of this collection is the shape, perfectly in keeping with the finest Italian ceramic tradition.

Firenze offers a fresh, vibrant, stylish take on the timeless allure of the cementine tiles, creating strikingly retro yet original, iconic atmospheres. An excellent example is Firenze Decò Grey, which can be used on floors to create splendid geometric tessellated effects that contrast with the contemporary furnishings.
The hexagon shape (21.6x25) appears here in all its strikingly evocative beauty, thanks to the graphic, material effect, perfect for creating delightful contemporary vintage atmospheres.

Is your soul contemporary or vintage?