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Island Bath: how to furnish a bathroom that looks onto the sea...

A dream of a home in a dream of a place, even if it’s just for a short break, is an experience that leaves its mark and inspires new ideas for restyling your own place, starting from the furnishings for the bathroom, the centre of well-being and relaxation. 

Imagine a dream of a dwelling looking onto the sea, with generous spaces that open right onto nature, allowing the light to flood in.

An architecture that blends seamlessly with the landscape, connecting us with everything around us, in perfect symbiosis. Outside, the sea lapping against the shore and the wind blowing gently through the trees; inside, a sense of peace and harmony.

An ideal home that’s a dream come true for many: a smooth, fluid environment in which indoors and outdoors blend seamlessly; enveloping yet spacious, a place for thoughts and emotions to flow freely. But how to furnish a dream bathroom able to recreate this dreamlike atmosphere every day?

The bathrooms of your dreams are unique, personal and require bespoke design solutions featuring unique accessories and bathroom furnishings that make a statement about you and what you wish for.

Some favour a minimal style, with transparent pieces and simple furnishings, to create a relaxing atmosphere, while others prefer to add more details to surround themselves with style and charm.

A must in both is a botanic element or two, with plants and flowers that flourish in a bathroom environment, or which absorb humidity, such as orchids and tropical plants.  


Bloom is the ideal wall solution for those looking for a no-frills style, yet attracted by sophisticated patterns and the beauty of 3D surfaces.

In the bathroom of your dreams looking out onto the waves, imagine the light yet striking elegance of BLOOM Jungle, offering an exotic touch to tile entire walls with just a small number of elements, thanks to the 80x160 size, a free-standing tub and some soft, delicate lighting that enhances the natural look of the leaves and their almost shimmering effects.

A ceramic insert that’s perfect for recalling the surrounding nature and creating appealing, striking backdrops, also available in the Dandelion version, characterised by floral patterns reminiscent of Japanese screens, and the Delave version, which recreates the beauty of the sun setting on the sea, right there in your bathroom.

Sophisticated and beautifully multi-faceted, Mat&More is ideal for those looking for a bright bathroom with geometric and 3D effects.


In the bathroom of your dreams, let’s imagine Mat&More Domino, an elegant, contemporary tile featuring bright geometric motifs on matt base tiles, for an appealing, luminous material crossover that brings a glam, chic touch to the setting.
Exquisite surfaces that engage with the light, creating pleasant reflections.
Perfect for large walls near large windows, enhancing the interplay of shapes, volumes and shine thanks to the natural light.
Also looks amazing by candlelight!

Discover lots of ideas for furnishing a dream bathroom.