“Immersive”, the future of retail

“Immersive”, the future of retail

Showrooms and Concept Stores will offer multi-sensory settings for unique shopping experiences.

The retail world pays increasingly close attention to Customer Experience Design, above all in the luxury and fashion worlds.
The aim is to customise and perfect the customer’s experience, making it unique. And the end result is an increase in sales!

The stores of tomorrow have a new approach, no longer Brand to Consumer, but Human to Human.
To design effective brand experiences, we must aim to involve people, thrilling them through immersive experiences involving all five senses, both in store and in the digital world.

The new Showrooms and Concept Stores are technological, omni-channel, multi-sensory.
They offer memorable experiences, involving users through augmented reality, touch-screens, ChatBots, social networks and of course design: this is the stage where anything can happen…

Furnishings, lighting, sound, aromas and details define the quality and duration of the shopping experience.
They must respond to a clear strategic project, consistent with the Brand, aiming to get both the brand and its products talked about.

Showrooms and Concept Stores must of course also satisfy the needs of those who live and work there, ensuring strength, practicality and comfort.
With the graphic perfection achieved by today’s technology, all these qualities are guaranteed by porcelain stoneware, the ideal solution for floors and much more.

The FAP Ceramiche solution most in demand in the retail sector is certainly stone-effect porcelain stoneware: versatile, high-performing, frost-proof and practical to manage, it creates a great visual impact even when blending in with different moods and styles.

Nord by FAP Ceramiche adds a touch of personality and substantial elegance to any retail setting, perfectly reproducing stone on stoneware: strong, pure, essential, rich in details that bring the material to life.

Stoneware surfaces with grains, traces of fossils, all the typical fissures found in stone, creating a very attractive yet natural effect that blends perfectly with furnishings in wood, steel, brass and glass, the preferred materials of contemporary stores.

Nord is also designed for total look floor and wall solutions, with a range of large, medium and small slabs in satin or matt finish, special pieces, steps and decorations, such as the Solid Optical Mosaico, Macro and Micromosaico, which bring a unique feel to any retail project.

Discover the eternal charm of Nord stone!