How Fap 3D tiles are made

How Fap 3D tiles are made

The story of an Italian summer …

The story of an Italian summer …

Fap tiles have a real story to tell.

They’re born of a vision, an image that springs to life in the imagination and takes shape in the workshops of the art and craft workers who have been working with Fap for years!
A supremely tried and tested team that won’t settle for mere traditional effects, and is always on the lookout for an unexpected, surprising touch to bring to ceramics.

Matter, people and passion work in synergy to infuse a profound soul into an inert, inanimate object like a tile, in a slow artistic process that explores the untapped potential of ceramics to create a whole new, original, thrilling approach to interior decoration.

Today we’ll be telling you the story of Summer, from vision through to experimentation.
An authentic challenge to capture the most evanescent of material, tuning into its most natural and realistic aspects and nuances to create something brand-new and exciting...



An Italian summer

The creative team is working on the development of new collections.
We’re in lockdown, and the desire to travel fills the air.
Our thoughts wander ahead to the summer, a magical period filled with colours, fragrances and sensations destined to linger. Even the landscape in this season has a particular allure…

The sun-drenched colours of the Mediterranean sun are more vibrant than ever, and the iconic elements of the Italian landscape, such as the olive trees, take on new tones. Creativity spreads endlessly along the beaches bathed by the waves, a fragrance of lemon fills the air, and the same spark illuminates each one.

This is the vision that brings a new tale of ceramics to life, inviting the observer to take a trip through Italy, amid its marvellous nature and art treasures.
Visual emotions are recreated on a ceramic canvas, working on the matter and colour of the tile, seeking a third dimension and taking inspiration from clay objects and from the colours and natural elements of the landscape.

This is the story behind Summer: a collection of designer tiles, 3D bricks and floors  conceived to recreate the atmosphere of a dreamy, engaging Italian summer, ideal for creating total looks in residential, commercial and tourism settings with a warm, discreet elegance.

Perfectly coordinated porcelain stoneware flooring, ceramic tiles and 3D decorations, in different sizes and finishes to guarantee versatile installation and layout options.
Ceramic wall tiles in the 30.5x91.5 size.

Flooring in R9 stoneware, in the 120x120 size, in R10 stoneware in the 80x160, 80x80 and 40x80 sizes, and with a new Satin finish in the 80x80 size. Stoneware floors boast an exceptionally rich material appeal, with a full-bodied effect marked by shading and streaking and enhanced by mineral notes that sparkle and create different nuances that change according to the light.


The plain-coloured wall tiles are vibrant with material effects, silky to the touch and rich in colour, while the decorations and the 3D tiles emulate the movements and the imperfections of the earth, with botanical and floral elements, terracotta and sand, highlighting the creative inspiration of the collection.


Summer also gives off the hallmark glow of the summer that makes us half-close our eyes in a smile, a magic that takes shape in the exquisite matt&glossy decorations:
Summer Track, characterised by bright, vibrant graphics that sweep across the material background;
Summer Flower, illuminated by a cascade of petals with glittering edges that bring a light, dynamic touch to the tiles;
the Summer Bark insert, with its iridescent little stalks, and the original little Elle mosaic.

The variety of sizes, colours and decorations of Summer allows for endless combinations, inviting everyone to create their very own Italian summer.