How to choose home tiles.

How to choose home tiles.

Advantages and qualities of stoneware wall tiles. Here’s how to choose tiles for your home.

Advantages and qualities of stoneware wall tiles.
Here’s how to choose tiles for your home.

A tile is forever!

That’s how an old tagline from the late 40s more or less went, and that’s exactly how it is for Italian tiles. They are made using expert craftsmanship and relying on a strong ceramic tradition according to the sophisticated technologies of today, anticipating the trends of a contemporary lifestyle.



Beyond the fashions, iconic, eco-friendly, stylish.

This is how to choose tiles for your home that will last forever.

Beyond the fashions.

Ceramics have an ancient history that is easy to trace. Architectural and artistic works of the past continue to inspire and influence the most contemporary products.

They are the very archetypes of our visual culture and this makes them timeless, still very much in vogue today, especially if reinterpreted to meet the new demands of contemporary life.


Ceramics can be iconic when colour, material, an unexpected detail, or what Roland Barthes called the punctum in photography, leaps out from the surfaces.

A surprising and exciting detail that makes even a small tile unique, because it is made by analysing styles, risking with materials, experimenting with new ceramic techniques to achieve what we like to call contemporary craftsmanship.


The elegance of the textures, the charm of the colours, the consistency of the material, and the tailor-made details are the magnificent covering of a resistant, hygienic and safe material, like ceramic.

Eco-friendly and sustainable because it is made with 20% pre-consumer recycled materials in compliance with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which assesses the environmental impact from extraction of the raw material to disposal, plastic-free and recyclable.



The creative process that leads to the creation of FAP ceramics starts from a careful analysis of lifestyle and design trends and styles and is modelled on the desires of the people who will inhabit the spaces, offering a depth of range and a series of special pieces and decorations that allow you to build your own personal design and imprint your personality on the environment.

Stoneware floor and wall tiles that are highly decorative, tactile and textured, 3D walls that range from contemporary to more traditional styles, renewed according to a modern design and a profound study of colour.

Choosing tiles for your home.

Choosing tiles for your home is obviously not just a matter of style and aesthetics.
Stoneware and wall tiles offer excellent performance, comfort and practicality. They do not alter, they are fire resistant, do not give off toxic substances or fumes, are easy to lay and clean and prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Choosing stoneware and wall tiles means choosing the excellence of the raw material and the style of Italian manufacturing.

Choosing FAP means choosing a unique and distinctive design, material and colour, matt and glossy contrasts that never get old.

So this is how it is… a tile is forever.


* Credits. The original tagline “A diamond is forever!” was launched in 1947 by De Beers, a leading brand in the polished diamond market.
The claim was coined by Frances Gerety, a young copywriter at N. W. Ayer & Sons of New York, one of the most important advertising agencies in the world, founded in 1869 and active until 2001.
It was recognised by the Advertising Age magazine as the greatest advertising slogan of the 20th century.