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Furnishing in Mad Men style

Mad Men is one of the best-loved series of all time.
Its design? Icon of a timeless style!


Who, among true connoisseurs, has never contemplated furnishing in Mad Men style, even only a corner of the house?

This much-loved series brought the Mid-Century style, developed in the United States and influenced by Bauhaus imported from Germany before the Second World War, back into the spotlight.
We could define it as retro Modern, characterised by functional furnishings, a roundness just hinted at, simple, clean lines, and perhaps precisely for this reason, timeless.

The lives of Madison Avenue advertising executives are set within always extremely elegant interiors, rich in references to design, fashion and art.
The sets are masterfully constructed by the interior designer, Claudette Didul and the set designer Dan Bishop, the creator of the account-executive lounge of Sterling Cooper.

The scenes in the period drama are set also in domestic contexts, bars and restaurants, but it’s in the Madison Avenue agency where it’s possible to find abstract, contemporary and Op art, with references to the works of Michal Shapiro, Kymm Swank and Bridget Riley.

The scene set in the office of Bert Cooper (interpreted by Robert Morse), when the senior partner shows off his latest acquisition: a large Mark Rothko canvass, bought for 10.00 dollars.

“People – he says – buy things in order to satisfy their aspirations; this is fundamental for our business… between me, you and the lamppost outside, the only thing that can double its value before Christmas is actually the lamppost”.

It’s for aspirational reasons that design decorations and decorated tiles can also become a cult object or, in any case, timeless like the bricks hat cover the buildings of the East Side of Manhattan!

Maku brick (in the cover photo) is a version of urban chic, essential and elegant, perfect for showrooms and sophisticated interiors.

Those who love to give brick a touch of glamour will certainly appreciate Boston, a combination of the past and a creative cutting-edge, just like the city from which it takes its name and the hotbed which is Madison Avenue. An elegant and sober palette, made up of pasty and intense colours in the cm. 7.5x30 format.

The 80x160 Texture Macro Wall Tiles by FAP Murals, is Perfect for Modern retro, practically a picture on the wall in matt finishing and blocks of sharp and decisive colours in a really attractive palette.

This is especially so if combined with the Nativa floor (in the photo), a really expressive stone-effect porcelain stoneware that effectively recalls vintage and natural atmospheres.


Texture Archi 50x120 from Milano Mood, a geometric pattern that turns the wall into a veritable celebration of design, is very “Sixties”: it’s full of full and empty effects, contrasts of direction, volumes and nuances, which acquire three-dimensionality.


What would you choose to furnish in Mad Men style?

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