Furnishing with light and colour

Furnishing with light and colour

The latest interior design trends effortlessly team elegance with functional appeal, creating bright spaces for living in harmony.

The new 2018 trends open up to colour, light and bespoke details.
The new idea of interiors sees space as a single, smooth concept, ready to satisfy the senses, comfortable to live in and open to imagination.

Lighting Design, by its very decorative, functional nature, offers new ideas and suggestions to create increasingly sensual atmospheres, enhance the most appealing of areas and bring extra vitality to any setting.

Ceramic Design is moving in the same direction, bringing a new edge to an ancient tradition, with thrilling, expressive new approaches every time, offering surfaces, textures and decorative patterns that catch the light and create new shapes.

Ceramics thus becomes a sensory experience, in which colour and light play a starring role.

Furnishing with light

“Light – explained Paul Cézanne is something that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented through something else, through colour”.

And it’s through the elegant colour palette of Brooklyn that light becomes a vibrant, decorative form of expression, thanks to the bright, exquisitely tactile colour effects that invite the observer to caress the surfaces. 

The porcelain stoneware surfaces, bathed in light, reveal the uneven edges and surfaces of Brooklyn, with saturated shades bringing vibrant new life to the walls, expanding and illuminating the settings. The colour palette shifts from warm to cool nuances, to satisfy different moods and styles: Carbon, Sky, Sand, Leaf, Fog, Snow, Flame, in the small – but right-on-trend – 7.5X30 size.

Furnishing with colour

While “in nature, light creates colour – according to the Expressionist Hans Hofmann – in painting, it’s colour that creates light”.

Color Line is what’s required to bring light into interior settings, following a simple, contemporary style. The aim of the white-body wall tile collection is to explore and enhance the role of colour in project design.

The Color Line colour palette, featuring Avio, Salvia and Marsala, Beige, Ghiaccio and Perla, takes its inspiration from natural elements, making for interesting ton-sur-ton and contrasting colour combinations, with intriguing decorative details, thanks to the special trims that offer extra inspiration and customisation options.

Along with the 25x75 size, the collection comprises geometric decorations in cool colours, three-dimensional, strikingly material decorations, and superbly original metal liners in Pink Gold, Cromo Silver, Satinato Silver and Blu Micromatita