Functioning, Artistic, Personalised!

Functioning, Artistic, Personalised!

Can all these attributes be rolled into a single bathroom? Yes!

And if there’s one room in the home that deserves to be turned into a little work of art that’s functional and uniquely yours, then it’s definitely the bathroom.

Functional, artistic bathroom ceramics, for a look that’s uniquely yours.

The littlest room in the house can become a haven of relaxation and beauty: all you have to do is choose the right bathroom ceramic tiles, along with furnishings and décor that reflect your own unique style and personality.

Ceramics for a stylish bathroom

Ceramics are the very soul of a modern, sophisticated bathroom.
Thanks to their versatility and durability, ceramic tiles offer endless design options. From clean, minimalist lines to bolder decorative solutions, they’re perfect for creating unique atmospheres. From ultra-technical floors with stone, resin and marble effects to gorgeous onyx-effect slabs, the choice is incredibly broad, and each collection of ceramic coverings can be teamed perfectly with wall tiles, from the simplest to the most eccentric, with contrasting combinations or compositions with coordinated colours and materials, according to personal taste.

If you’re a fan of contrasting looks, you might like to opt for colour block compositions in sparkling materials, able to brighten up the bathroom even with darker tones such as the Blu Navy shade of the glazed tiles in the GLIM collection, shown here with a coordinated look for the floor and walls, featuring Gemme Bianco Matt, an elegant, contemporary version of Venetian terrazzo with an anti-slip R10 finish that boosts safety in the bathroom.

Lovers of smooth, colour-coordinated décor can choose a single shade to design their bathroom around, selecting decorative elements, mosaics and special trims perfectly coordinated with the predominant colour.

An example is this bathroom, decorated with mint and sage floor and wall tiles and featuring a perfect combination of FAP collections: flooring and macro-mosaic from the Gemme collection in the glossy green Menta shade, teamed with COLOR > MOOD wall tiles in the matt Menta shade, a lush jungle-themed COLOR > MOOD decoration in the matt shade Tropical Menta matt, and glossy glazed brick tiles from the GLIM collection, in the colour Salvia, in the niche.  Materials, textures and finishes blend perfectly to create a fresh, relaxing overall look!

Contrasts and coordination and classic and contemporary styles coexist here in this bathroom, featuring a subtle, glossy Calacatta marble-effect floor and matt Oxide Corten tiles with an oxidised metal look, both from the  ROMA GOLD collection.

Classic beauty engages appealingly with industrial style, as do the colours of the oxidised slabs with the FAP MURALS Flower Corten maxi decoration.
The decorative capacity of ceramics peaks in the effect created on the shower, featuring large watercolour flowers embellished with the glossy lacquering of the FAP MURALS Iper Flower Corten insert.

Bathroom decorations

As we’ve observed, the decorations for bathroom walls add character and personality to the setting, bringing a unique, original touch.
FAP offers an impressive variety of effects and bathroom decorations.
From geometric patterns to floral designs, as well as relaxing textures and jungle motifs, and above all smart shapes and sizes that can be used to create full-wall compositions or attractive backdrops, ceramic pictures or splendid shower areas, and a design that plays with the mix&match effect.

FAP Tips

If you’re still not sure how to design and decorate your bathroom, try searching by colour, ceramic effect or room shape, or take a look at design projects already completed.
Finding bathroom décor inspiration is easy!


A bathroom that’s functional, artistic and uniquely yours!

Now that we’ve taken a look at the options open to you for creating a functional, artistic bathroom, let’s see how you can bring your own unique touch. To do so, let’s listen to the wise words of the new York designer and interior decorator Billy Baldwin.


The first rule of décor is that almost every other rule can be broken.

Provided you make the best, most attractive use possible of all the space at your disposal, by installing your bathroom units in the most convenient, strategic positions, you can break all the other rules in order to obey the most important one: your own personal tastes and requirements.

Once you’ve seen to that, you can make bold choices when it comes to ceramic effects, colours, patterns and decoration …
A particularly interesting choice, for example, are sensory walls and floors, with 3D bathroom tiles or relief decorations that bring a material appeal to the room.

Custom-designed ceramic washbasins and mirrors

Finally, nothing adds the perfect finish to bathroom décor quite like an original ceramic washbasin and mirrors.
As well as adding a touch of elegance and sophistication, these elements also allow your own creativity and personality to shine through.
From countertop or freestanding washbasins to decorative mirrors, FAP+ makes it easy to create a truly functional, artistic bathroom with a unique, personal touch.

The Sguardi mirror range features frames in 4 original shapes: Arco, Oblò, Portale and Quadro, in 5 shades: Azzurra, Esmeralda, Rosalba, Gaia and Bianca.

The Con+tatto washbasins come in oval or round shapes, with both countertop and freestanding models available.

The magic of these custom options is that each washbasin can be created using all the FAP Maxxi surfaces available: so for example, you can choose the bright appearance and beautiful veining effects of GEMME, or opt for decorations and colours based on the surfaces selected by the Designer and the Customer.

To sum up, using ceramics and custom decorations for your bathroom turns a functional space into a truly special salle de bain!

By affording the proper importance to details and quality materials, you can create a living space that’s a perfect reflection of your style and character, making your time spent in the bathroom more pleasant than ever.