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Five Steps to a perfect Feng Shui Bedroom

The ancient discipline of Feng Shui teaches us that architecture and furnishings can have a positive impact on health, happiness and prosperity. Here’s how to rethink your bedroom in 5 steps!

Feng is the wind, Shui is the water: the natural elements that shape the earth and influence the harmony and healthiness of settings.
This ancient Taoist discipline believes than Man can interact with these elements and render his environment more propitious.

Feng Shui is a sort of Habitat Science.
When designing an environment, it takes account of when and to what extent the building faces the sun, magnetic directions, the laws of physics and thermodynamics, without neglecting the aesthetic and ethical dimension: balance, proportion and respect for the environment.

The direction of the home and exposure to the sun are of fundamental importance. The ideal kitchen faces south-west and the sitting room south-east, in order to enjoy the necessary light and heat. Dining rooms should face north-east or east, so that they benefit from the first rays of sun as soon as the home awakens.

An orderly, essential choice and arrangement of furnishings. According to Feng Shui, order boosts positive energy (yang).
Furnishings must be simple and rigorous, with graceful or rounded shapes, and arranged in such a way as to avoid creating obstacles, so that energy can circulate freely.

The choice of colours can influence mood and behaviour.
Yellow is recommended in the kitchen, because it provides a shot of energy and stimulates the appetite.

In the sitting room, warm colours are to be preferred, to create an inviting ambience conducive to smooth relations, while the bedroom is the ideal place for the relaxing colours of the sky and sea, perfect for helping us sleep.

Water, earth, wood, fire and metal are the 5 essential elements of Feng Shui. Bring them into your home with furnishings, colour, accessories, natural candles and lush, green plants, to create a relaxed environment packed with positive energy.

Another essential element is the floor, the strength of the home according to Feng Shui. The discipline recommends a single type of floor in every room, or even better, throughout the whole home, so that positive energy is free to flow everywhere.

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