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FAP’s NEW Headquarters

A renovation project with the accent on comfort and design, with a new look that’s perfectly recognisable as Made in Fap!

Here at Fap, we look ahead. We believe in the future, and this is why in 2021 we began renovating our headquarters.

Think positive, be orange! This is the motto of the major restyling effort regarding the new Fap Headquarter, with a focus on design, colour and comfort that seeks to maintain the creative energy of the structure where Fap was founded in the mid-Sixties, and where so many projects have taken shape that so many people have fallen in love with.

In renovating the headquarters, this identity has been maintained with conviction.

The original areas, where the layout was often narrow and complex, have been redesigned to make them appear larger and to respond to new requirements in terms of work, dialogue and encounters, with more open, airy spaces with large windows to create a sense of depth and of continuity between workstations, while effectively preserving privacy.

An open environment, where attention has been paid to every detail, organised into more functional, inviting spaces, to make the place where we spend much of our day more pleasant and stimulating, because we are aware that workplaces designed in this way not only boost productivity and creative interaction, but also help us tackle the challenges we set ourselves every day and reduce stress.

The beauty of the furnishings, the sophisticated details, the carefully designed lighting and the skilful use of colour – which has always been a hallmark of Fap – work the rest of the magic: working surrounded by beauty helps produce lasting beauty!

Colour and design are perfectly calibrated on the walls, furnishings and accessories, creating a smooth, contemporary, bright, comfortable environment!

This little gem is a triumph of design and comfort, and we look forward to welcoming you to it for the grand opening set for September 2021.

Stay tuned. Stay orange!