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FAP. What's new?! 3D tiles and designer floors

"More is more and less is a bore!".

In the words of the interior designer and style icon Iris Apfel, “Daring and experimenting never did anyone any harm”, especially if the aim is to make our lives more pleasant, intriguing, satisfying and colourful! This is the spirit of the new 3D tiles and designer floors by FAP presented at Cersaie 2021.


And it’s the world of fashion that’s provided the inspiration for the new Milano Mood collection: wall tiles (50x120) and designer floors in porcelain stoneware, in five sizes (120x120, 60x120, 80x80, 40x80) and three finishes (Satin, R9 and R10), which draw on the lesson taught by Giorgio Armani, interpreting the modern age with simplicity, in an interplay of pasty colours and fluid materials that take shape in extra-matt resins in sophisticated tones and sensual grey patinas.

A combination of wall tiles and stoneware flooring conceived to create interiors of rare elegance, yet at the same time comfortable and inviting, to embellish and bring an extraordinary allure to everyday living spaces.


The Eternal City provides the inspiration for Roma Gold, with which our designers have succeeded in reinventing the grandeur of marble in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours with a glossy finish: porcelain stoneware floor tiles (120x120, 60x120, 80x160, 80x80, 40x80) and wall tiles (Diamante 15x56, 30.5x56, 50x120) that take on a jewel-like quality in the extra-large size (Maxxi 120x278), as well as striking furnishing elements fashioned with the Roma Gold Oxide Corten, Iron and Rust slabs and the marvellous Safari Inserto, Flower Inserto and Decoro City Inserto Mix 2.

This is a collection that blends classic appeal with an eclectic, modern look conceived to offer a guarantee of timeless style with an original twist.

This fil rouge for interiors is so versatile and offers such a wealth of colour and size options that it allows you to imagine and create solutions for both residential and contract environments, by choosing the Roma Gold combinations best suited to the particular living space and the spirit that pervades it.

The Nativa collection is a celebration of stone, giving it a fresh look thanks to the extremely contemporary graphics, and a colour palette that takes on board the latest trends, leaving the exuberant beauty of the matter intact thanks to the in-depth research conducted on the material of inspiration.

Original, versatile porcelain stoneware designer floors, created in four sizes (120X120, 60X120, 80X80, 40X80) and four finishes (Satin, R9, R10, R11), ideal for all kinds of environments, from residential to contract, and offering excellent performance both indoors and outdoors.

The Nativa collection was conceived to portray the natural side of design, bringing power and character to furnishings and taking the eternal bond between Man and stone into a new dimension.

The FAP Murals wall tiles are a window on the world, breaking into the walls, enlivening living spaces and turning the furnishing concept as we know it upside down…with a touch of tongue-in-cheek style!

A surprising, exquisitely decorative, large-size (80x160) collection, enriched with three hyper-decorations studied to create spaces with a wow! factor.


Modern trompe-l'oeil effects, each with its own distinctive style, ranging from light, delicate floral motifs to beautiful woven effects reminiscent of Persian rugs, as well as rigorous geometries, striking colour block patterns and an explosion of lush, wild jungle looks, for a superbly vibrant, elegant effect.  

A varied, complex range of creative options, featuring layered graphics, textures, colours and polished finishes, which are surprisingly easy to lay on the walls and to enjoy.

A whole world encompassed within a ceramic collection, the fruit of painstaking research aimed at creating authentic indoor landscapes and adding impressive depth to living spaces.

This new world could not exist without the tribute to nature paid by Roots, a collection of wood-effect stoneware wall and floor tiles with material surfaces pulsating with life that make them indistinguishable from genuine Oak wood.

This collection has been conceived to satisfy our intimate desire to connect with nature, and is designed for a contemporary, conscientious, sustainable lifestyle.

Available in two sizes (20x120 and chevron), these ceramic wood tiles can be used to create a regenerating, inviting, vital atmosphere, counting on the impressive performance of a technical material such as stoneware, which is ethical, technological, practical, hygienic and safe, and offers unlimited laying options thanks to the L-shaped elements and the Out finish, so that it can be laid on floors, walls and in outdoor areas, creating a sense of continuity.


Lots of new ideas, for the same approach to wall & floor design, to create consistent looks in keeping with the space and volumes available and the personality of the occupants, offering interesting, one-off combinations thanks to a kaleidoscope of aesthetic effects, sizes, decorations, decorative panels and hyper-decorations.

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