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The Fap take on the marble effect!

Marble-look tiles as you’ve never seen them before!

Graceful veinings, new polished effects, glam colours…and an amazing array of sizes and decorations to inspire new colour and material combinations, and brand-new, classic, eclectic furnishing and décor prospects.

Welcome to the new Fap take on marble-effect tiles!


Roma Gold, the new collection of floor and wall tiles in marble-effect stoneware, enhances the beauty of a classic, precious stone, with new sizes and extremely bright, iconic, elegant finishes, complemented by an industrial, raw chic edge.

The marble-effect porcelain stoneware flooring comes in a wide range of sizes: 120x120, 60x120, 80x160, 80x80 and 40x80 cm, in a glossy finish that can be used in all kinds of settings.

The marble-effect porcelain stoneware wall tiles range from the traditional 30.5x56 and 50x120 sizes to the 15x56 cm diamond-shaped option and the large 120x278 tiles, all perfectly coordinated and complemented by maxi decorative tiles, mosaics, décor elements and special finishing or connecting pieces.


The gleam of the marble-effect tiles are contrasted by the metal-effect stoneware solutions Oxide Rust, Oxide Corten and Oxide Iron: large matt-effect oxidised slabs perfect for a raw look to satisfy the aesthetic aspirations of aficionados of contrasts and the industrial, raw chic style.

The bright marbles and the large oxidised slabs coexist in the Roma Gold collection, recalling the inspiring lesson provided by Mariuccia Mandelli, better known as Krizia, according to whom "the most daring combinations succeed in making materials and shapes sing.

The demure, classic look of marble blends with an eclectic, modern look that allows us to create interiors with a unique, timeless style.

The Roma Gold colour scheme contains references to classic marble, with Carrara Superiore, Calacatta Delicato and extra-glossy Nero Elegante; distinctive shades such as Calacatta Oro, which brings out all the veins in the marble in all their gleaming beauty; the ivory tones of Onice Neve; Onice Miele, a crystalline ochre yellow with vibrant orange-yellow streaks, and the rougher, ultra-modern Iron, Rust and Corten, with their oxidised surfaces.

The exquisitely contemporary appeal of the colours in the Roma Gold collection finds an elegant, statuesque expression in the Safari Inserto 120x278 (in the photo), perfect for creating corridors, accent walls or backdrops that bring a dynamic, three-dimensional allure to the setting.

In the extra-large 120x278 size, Roma Gold also offers two different patterns: Flower Inserto, with a cascade of roses and striking colour effects, and the series of arches in endless shades of black and white featured on the Decoro City Inserto Mix.


The floral and architectural theme also makes a return on the large 100x120 surfaces of Rose Calacatta Oro Inserto Mix and Archs Inserto Mix 2, if it’s continuity you’re looking for.

Another extremely original solution can be created using the marble mosaics.

The classics are complemented by Leaves Mosaico, in the 25.9x30.9 size, featuring a wealth of sparkling little leaves; the 29x31.9 Daisy Mosaico, featuring a cascade of ton-sur-ton daises; the sophisticated, geometric 30.5x30.5 Slash Mosaico, in two colour versions, white Carrara Superiore and Nero Elegante, and Calacatta Delicato and Onice Miele; the 28.2x31 Mosaico Archs (in the photo), reminiscent of Art Deco, and the 30x30 Deco Mosaico 30x30, in two extremely original, playful, classy versions: black and white and white and honey.

The wide range of sizes and décor elements in the collection allows for the creation of truly luxurious complementary and contrasting total looks, compatible with a wide variety of styles, from rich, opulent classic settings to ultra-modern, no-frills industrial looks.

This is the unique appeal of the Roma Gold collection, specifically studied to condense the very best of classic styles to shape contemporary settings in the residential and contract sector and in areas dedicated to hospitality and wellness.