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The FAP side of the Moon

The moon is female, sensual and mysterious, a symbol of evolution, change, eternity and divine light.
FAP has shaped the allure of the moon into sophisticated ceramic surfaces and craftsmanship mosaics with no fear of revealing their dark side before shining in the light.

Vast like the surface of the moon, MAXXI is the new marble-effect stoneware collection by FAP, designed to meet the needs of those seeking to create magnificent projects. The large 120x278 size can be used to tile entire walls without interruptions or horizontal joints, and with all the elegance of smooth, continuous marble.

FAP MAXXI Statuario, with its sophisticated, polished allure, is evocative of the Long Night Moon, the last full moon on the longest night of the year, while the Grigio Superiore recalls the prelude to the eclipse, evoking mysterious, seductive atmospheres.
We can imagine FAP MAXXI in elegant residential settings, luxury hotels and spas, for an innovative, memorable bath design.

Seductive and enigmatic like a New Moon, Nero Reale is featured in the Roma Diamond collection, an exclusive series of white body and glossy marble-effect porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles.

The Frammenti Black element from the Roma Diamond collection - in the 75x150 and 75x75 sizes and the extraordinary Caleido 37x52 – is perfect for creating the type of bathroom dreams are made of: airy, simple but with a wealth of designer elements able to regenerate the senses the moment you step into it.

Equally intriguing is the black&white look.
If the full moon isn’t enough for you, you combine Roma Diamond floor and wall tiles by teaming the icy tones of Statuario with the brilliant appeal of Nero Reale. A perfect solution beyond the bathroom too, suitable for high-end retail settings, halls, boutiques and single-brand stores.

For more eclectic, sophisticated settings, dare to experiment with Damasco Black Gloss from the FAP Mosaici Dark Side collection to create a look that spans the whole wall, or choose black inserts for a surprisingly beautiful, glossy effect.

If you can’t reach for the moon…

Reach out to FAP!

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                                                                         Roma Diamond - Damasco Black Gloss

                                                                         Roma Diamond - Damasco Black Gloss

                                                                         FAP MAXXI Statuario