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Fap purpose

Designer tiles. The shape, soul and substance of Fap ceramics.

We firmly believe that Architecture and Design make a key contribution to a pleasant lifestyle, satisfying our sense of beauty and the need for functional, ergonomic elements.

This is why here at Fap we’ve been working on the creation of unique pieces: designer tiles conceived as contemporary craftsmanship works and then reproduced on ceramic material as a never-ending story able to awaken emotional connections and creating a narrative that can be flowing or syncopated, homogenous or richly varied, depending on the personality of the project and offering everyone the chance to find a solution in tune with their mood.

This is Fap purpose: offering unique, original collections and simple yet sophisticated shapes able to engage directly with the senses, creating new styles and unique, one-off settings, thanks to the depth of the range, the rich variety of finishing options and the fact that all the collections can be perfectly coordinated.

This aesthetic and craftsmanship effort is accompanied by in-depth technological research to maximise the potential of ceramics as an architectural and furnishing element.
This is what lies behind the Bloom series, the first designer tiles in the 80x160 cm size, a brand-new option for white-body tiles.

Bloom is the perfect synthesis of Fap purpose.

Light, large-size designer ceramics, easy to lay, featuring a large variety of patterns and elegant, contemporary nuances, and above all, able to bring a sense of visual continuity with a very small number of elements (just three tiles for a standard height of 240 cm) and a minimum number of joints.

The series is composed of monochrome concrete-effect tiles in warm shades of white, beige and grey tiles and the more striking tones of brown and blue.


Monochrome base tiles that are beautifully decorative on their own, peaking in the elements Bloom Star and Bloom Print, strikingly tactile 3D surfaces with incredible patterns, inspired respectively by the craftsmanship techniques used for paper and engraving.

The ceramic story continues with designer tiles embellished with silver and gold metallic inserts, classic and 3D mosaics and decidedly eye-catching details and special trims to enhance the beauty and continuity of the ceramic tiles, and...

Dulcis in fundo, with the Dandelion, Delave and Jungle artistic panels, which bring a light, botanical touch to the ceramics, featuring the beauty of sunset and the lush splendour of the jungle, simply by combining three elements.

Just one collection, Bloom, offering endless application options that give design professionals and their customers the freedom to combine different styles and material effects, adding their own personal signature, character and sensitivity to the Fap ceramic narrative.