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FAP, the Glamour Green Side of ceramics

FAP Ceramiche is synonymous with unique appeal, style research and quality materials.

Our unique appeal derives from our aptitude for innovation, for staying one step ahead of trends in living styles, fashion and lifestyle.

Our style research is conducted with a ceaseless passion that allows us to focus on the very best in architecture and design trends and offer an original take on both each time.

Our quality materials are the “conditio sine qua non” of FAP creations. Materials and processes of certified quality allow us to produce ceramic series with outstanding style and technological performance, able to express the customer’s personality to the full.

This is FAP’s mission: to offer the finest in Italian ceramic tradition, with a contemporary style and a wide range of proposals that allow every customer to bring their very own style, experience and creativity into their living environments.

FAP brings a new meaning to ceramic covering materials, taking them up a notch and making them an essential design element.
Tiles are not just a simple furnishing necessity, but an exercise in creativity, colour, tactile emotions and engaging beauty.

FAP is glam and green.
FAP’s environmental policy is evident in every aspect of corporate life, and our tiles are produced with complete respect for the environment, a precious asset that belongs to all of us and is safeguarded throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from the quarrying of the raw materials through to disposal.

“FAP is all about ceramics, innovation, research and dreams come true”.

Welcome to FAP!