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Fap. Follow Your Vibes

We look forward to meeting you at our exhibition area at Cersaie 2021, ready to surprise you!


The exhibition is a tour of ceramic installations in which to move around freely, following your instinct, your own “vibrations”.

FAP invites you to make the tour with the eyes of a child, at a slow pace, following the flight of a butterfly which, when making its stops, gradually reveals the material, the details impressed on the surfaces...

Jungles, forests, floral explosions... a wild garden that surprises with every beat of the wings, that captivates with every step, stimulating the gaze with graphics and decorations inviting the touch.


The new Fap collections are the result of extensive aesthetic, material and craft research, drawing heavily from nature to arrive at the senses, to satisfy the intimate desire for connection with ourselves, to then open up to the world and its beauty.

We’ve explored woods, forests, rocky gardens, marble quarries... luxurious residences with an antique charm and futuristic interiors.
We’ve journeyed through colours, matter, forms and pigments.

We’ve developed our inspirations with technical expertise and a tailor’s attention to detail to offer complete, suggestive, perfectly furnished and coordinated ceramic projects. Unique.

Now we want to offer you emotions, suggestions and inspirations to create your own projects!

Leave aside any concept, any adjective, any structure … be finally free to explore, consider at what resonates inside you, what represents you and expresses you as a style. Your personal design.


Fap. Follow your Vibes!

Cersaie 2021
27 September - 1 October 2021

Hall 37 Stand C40-D39 - Bologna Exhibition Centre

Your ticket!