FAP Decor! It’s all about the décor!

FAP Decor! It’s all about the décor!

Mini guide to choosing decorative tiles, for enhancing furnishing projects and spaces

Mini guide to choosing decorative tiles, for enhancing furnishing projects and spaces


Decorative tiles are a real must for interior furnishing!
The best way to make surfaces come alive, customising rooms and expressing your very own personality and vision of the world.

After experimenting with textures, colour and matt & glossy finishes, FAP has gone further, with ultra-scenographic decorations in large and extra-large formats!
An authentic Décor Atelier takes shape on the Decor Box, a large container for decorative tiles, wallpaper and 3D element offering new and original inspiration and unlimited laying patterns for interior decoration.
Running from decorative tile profiles with a romantic air to explosions of nature on extra-large surfaces, and on to rigorous geometries, architectural patterns and 3D tiles with an amazing shiny effect.

Spaces can be revolutionised with foliage, floral bouquets, woods and jungle scenes, micro-geometric patterns and textured weaves, enriched with 3D relief patterns, metallic inserts and elegant colour combinations.
An impressive step beyond the most artistic and lively wallpaper on ceramics, the architectural and technological material par excellence, with its robust, hygienic and safe features. Let’s take a look together!


Geometric decorative tiles

How many faces can geometry offer on ceramics?
Certainly an infinite number, just like its design potential!

Even apparently simple surfaces can thrill the eyes with their infinitesimal attention to detail.
The infinitely repeated pattern of Milano Mood Texture Triangoli - in the original 50x120 format - creates a ceramic carpet that talks directly to the touch, with its soft texture and subtle relief, marked by dusty pale colours with scales of dark and pale blue in perfect harmony.

The patterns become more and more complex with Milano Mood Texture Archi, a rhythmic, linear composition of different profiles (again in the 50x120 format) that bring directions together in a game of relief and shiny metallic inserts that stand out from the matt background.

FAP Decor
FAP Decor

Bolder and more statuesque, Roma Gold City Inserto Mix interprets the architectural theme on a marble-effect stoneware with a shiny finish.

Arches of different shapes and colours run together and overlap to create an intriguing game of perspective that slims and adds depth to the room at the same time, also thanks to its maxi-format, 240x278.

Even more slender is Archs Inserto Mix 2 from the same collection Roma Gold.
 A hyper-shiny décor in format 100x120, that winks an eye at Art Deco and adds great shine and verticality to surfaces, with infinite overlapping arches set in small frames that give great depth to the decorated tile.

A change of tone and style with FAP Murals Texture Macro: the extra-mat wall tile in the beautiful and practical format 80X160, expressed through solid, soft and tactile colour blocks that offer great freedom of design.  A vaguely retro appeal, that precisely for this reason becomes extremely contemporary!

FAP Decor
FAP Decor

The creative rhythm increases with FAP Murals Texture Kilim, the decorative tile in format 80x160 inspired by the weaving arts: an ode to geometry and colour from ancient Persia, brought to life with metal profiles hidden in the warp, adding a touch of light to this original ceramic carpet.

Also in this case, the result changes depending on the laying pattern.

Decorative tiles inspired by nature

In the list of top trends, the splendid oxymoron of interior design is the mix and match of strong, squared patterns with more destructured and unpredictable forms from the natural world, rich in colour shades and less ordered forms.
A romantic ceramic herbarium, Milano Mood Flower Cipria dresses indoor walls with light and colour thanks to the practical format 50X120 and the iridescent effects running through the large coloured petals, drawn with pictorial grace and close attention to detail.

Graceful and fleeting, Milano Mood Flower Blu seems to run across the matt background, blown by the wind and lit by the sun, adding flashes of light and airiness to the walls. A beauty interrupted by a minimum number of gaps, thanks to the 50x120 format.

The floral theme with a unique appeal, with Iper Flower Corten and Iper Flower Soft, two large decorations in the FAP Murals collection, an extremely decorative series even in its simplest surfaces.

FAP Decor
FAP Decor

The maxi slab - in format 160x240 - makes the floral appeal even more appealing, ensuring the continuity of the decorative patterns.

Iper Flower Corten Inserto Mix 3 is a succession of light, rarefied purple flowers and hints of botanic elements casting their shadows on a matt background, creating different levels of depth and delicate transparencies on the format 160x240.

Iper Flower Soft Inserto Mix 3 blends geometric and floral patterns.
The beautiful watercolour flowers lay over a thick weave of vertical stripes to highlight the meatiness of the flowers, thanks to the delicate pastiness of the shaded colours.

The reference to the thickest, wildest landscapes is clearly a trending topic!
Milano Mood Tropical Verde is perfect for recreating an indoor urban jungle, a space where we can charge our batteries away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.
The 50x120 tile is decorated with ragged, fresh foliage with an almost atmospheric effect, obtained by the glossy decoration on matt background to create a kind of internal light that seems to run through the wall.

FAP Decor
FAP Decor

Deeper, saturated colours with FAP Murals Tropic Ibisco.

An exquisitely contemporary design vaguely reminiscent of camouflage lights up in drips of glazed colour that reflect the light with an almost aqueous effect, opening windows on a bright, unspoilt and almost magical landscape…


The FAP ceramic stories continue on the Decor Box, with more decorative tiles to create kaleidoscopic compositions!

Continue to explore the FAP decorative tile world!