Cersaie Review

Cersaie Review

Cersaie 2018, outside and inside Bologna. A celebration of Italian Style and Bologna Design Week.

Cersaie 2018, outside and inside Bologna.
A celebration of Italian Style and Bologna Design Week.

Like every other year, Cersaie has once again marked a shift in architecture, interior furnishings and more. In addition to revealing the future of design, materials and the most innovative processing techniques, it offers a series of stimuli and food for thought, enriching our approach to furnishing ideas and creating ceramics.

Starting from the conference “Costruire, Abitare, Pensare” (Building, Dwelling, Thinking) – which this year saw the participation of personalities of the calibre of Mario Botta, Guido Canali and Richard Rogers, Pritzker prize winner in 2007 – as well as the conversations at the “Cafè della Stampa” (Press Cafés), the “Città della Posa” (Tiling Town) and the 4th edition of “Bologna Design Week” immediately following Cersaie.

This packed, exciting edition attracted over 112,100 visitors, with a significant rise in the number of foreigners (54,025, +1.6%), 3100 students for the “Cersaie for Students” and 889 representatives of the Italian and international press.

The top sector represented remains Italian ceramic tiles, which continue to occupy the leading positions on international markets. To maintain this leadership worldwide, according to Giovanni Savorani, Chairman of the Confindustria Ceramica Association - «we must study and train new generations able to think and to make products more beautiful than the others».

This phrase sums up the mission of FAP Ceramiche, and takes shape in #WonderFAP, the exhibition of the new FAP collections launched for the first time at Cersaie 2018, which every day was packed with visitors from all over the world.

Among the most popular features of the new FAP projects – in addition to the original design – is the variety of sizes, the ways in which the collections can complement one another, the complete range of decorations and special trims, designed so there are no limits to the creativity of designers and clients.

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