Cersaie by FAP

Cersaie by FAP

Cersaie according to FAP: a breath of never-ending beauty

Cersaie according to FAP: a breath of never-ending beauty

Broadening the scope of the collections, enriching the content of series already popular on the market, completing each new creation with decorations and special trims that make the finish an absolute pleasure in terms of appearance, function and ease of installation.

All this, combined with an insatiable pursuit of originality and beauty that takes us on a journey through new styles, colours and tactile experiences.

This is the meaning of #NeverEndingBeauty, able to indulge all five senses, awakening emotions and genuine satisfaction, thanks to the exhaustive, compact nature of a proposal that offers something new every year, splendidly engaging all the FAP collections.

Visitors to Cersaie were of course attracted to the new elements: new products and new scenarios opening up in terms of furnishings, fashion and lifestyle.

In this sense, a distinguishing feature of FAP has always been the generosity that derives from the aspiration to exceed the expectations of architects, designers and clients.

So here’s a quick overview of the new elements presented at the exhibition.

BLOOM, a new 80x160 white-body wall covering that’s surprisingly easy to lay, and offers the opportunity to obtain striking effects with a very small number of elements: just three decorative panels to achieve a height of 2.40 metres and a spectacular effect with very few joints. The two splendid Bloom Print and Bloom Star textures create a 3D effect that has to be experienced to be believed!

Mat&More, a unique collection of ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen that focuses on the contrast between volumes and gloss effects on matt base tiles, relief geometries and exceedingly dynamic 3D effects: a perfect example of material crossing that conveys a variety of emotions and tactile sensations, all within the same 25x75 tile.

BLOK is a dense, smooth stone, packed with energy. A series of wall and floor tiles - 90x90 45x90, 60x60, 30x60 – that combine design with a contemporary appeal, allowing for interiors to be customised throughout, including the furnishings: bed with a masonry base, seats and shelves with a natural stone effect.

Lumina Stone brings the art of sculpture to ceramics. The new series of white-body wall coverings derives from painstaking research that embellishes the 30.5x91.5 surface with an extraordinary chiselled effect, creating a tile with a strikingly plastic beauty that invites the observer to reach out and touch it, taking ceramics into the realm of art and featuring beautiful relief, floral and geometric effects.

NUX is the ideal collection to create a total look, thanks to its minimal interpretation of the colour details of natural stone. A series of 25x75 white-body wall tiles and porcelain stoneware floor tiles in the 30x30, 30x60, 45x90 and 60x60 size, and now also available in the 90x90 size to create endless floor and wall combinations.

Rooy is an original, stylish, contemporary collection of ceramic flooring and tiles in the sizes 5x75, 37.5x75 and 75x150, which offers a fresh take on industrial style, with distinctive texturised tones and original patterns.

It’s ideal for the floors and walls of elegant commercial settings, hotels and spas, as well as for bathroom and kitchen tiles and furnishing elements.

New porcelain stoneware tiles in the 120x120 size, with both gloss and matt finishes, offering a variety of inspirations – glossy marble, stone and matt resin effects – to allow designers to create seamless furnishing projects, with very few limits to design and a very small number of joints, striking a balance between beauty and contemplation.

For even more elaborate designs, large spaces and particular projects, FAP MAXXI in the 120x278 size, with matt resin, shiny and silk effects.


And FAP has even more to explore. 

Stay tuned to discover the brand-new FAP Plus project!