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Ceramiche Fap. Design & Making of

Fap ceramic tiles are the result of an inspiration and an aesthetic aspiration that leads to experimentation with new art and craft techniques using novel materials: a complex artistic process that’s a style dream come true for project designers and design lovers.


Creativity is contagious, as Albert Einstein said, and in Fap it flows freely through the company from one office to another, and from the offices to the craft workshops we collaborate with to create our ceramic objects.

The starting point is an idea, an image, an emotion derived from the observation of a natural, craft or architectural element.

These ideas are transmitted like pollen through the air, conjuring up other images that in turn trigger Fap experimentation.

Hours spent in the workshops of master craftsmen admiring the different shapes material can take: earth, clay, fabric and paper; brushes, pencils, chisels, trowels…but above all expert, impassioned hands, able to create the structures destined to become designer ceramics.

It’s passion that’s at the heart of everything.


A passion for sensuality and style.

A talent shared by designers and the whole Fap team, fuelled by a desire to interpret the dreams and desires of contemporary living, with the secret desire for designer tiles to become timeless icons…

A passion for the material used to experiment with new ideas even before they become ceramics, a passion for the sustainability and ecology of the ingredients it’s made of. Because the creation of a tile requires a recipe, made of top-quality and recovered, recycled and regenerated materials.

Italian design and craftsmanship, characterised by quality and class, and shaped according to a rigorous environmental policy and a Code of Ethics signed with Confindustria Ceramica guaranteeing the origin of the projects.

All this makes for an approach to creating ceramics that go a step beyond design trends, allowing for customised projects and surprising details: original new textures, finishes, graphics and patterns, 3D decorations and tiles with truly unique material effects for ceramics, obtained thanks to the ongoing experimentations with new materials used in new contexts that continue to astound over and over again!

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