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Big on size, big on style

The grandeur of an interior design project lies in its evocative power, its ability to capture the senses, to engage them in a narrative that combines aesthetics, ergonomics and personality.



The technological evolution of ceramics today makes it possible to achieve stunning aesthetic effects: a beauty that coincides with ergonomics, practicality and sustainability, offering extremely high technical, hygienic and safety performances, leaving space for personal inspiration and innovative applications.

Large-size tiles with slender thicknesses, unthinkable until a few years ago, have become a veritable interior design cult object, as they don’t just define the look of environments, they simplify their construction, the creation of customised coverings and personalised furnishings, forming the spirit itself of an interior design.

Large sizes are in line with the trend towards minimalism, still in vogue as this style makes it possible to celebrate space and consecrate it to the wellbeing of whoever lives there, creating comfort zones and oases of relaxation. Perfect both for large and small environments, they permit the creation of a soft aesthetic, fluid, airy spaces, without visual interruptions, assigning the aesthetic narrative to ceramic coverings enhanced by textures, modern and relaxing colours, 3D material effects, interrupted by very few joints.

The bathroom is one of the environments in which the large size comes into its own.

It’s possible to cover walls and floors, shelves and items of furniture in a harmonious way, right up to the ceiling with few slabs, creating captivating atmospheres worthy of a spa, without visual interruptions. 

This is the case of BLOOM which, with its original 80x160 cm format, makes it possible to arrive at a standard height of 240 cm with only 3 slabs and minimum joints, guaranteeing, besides beauty, easy installation and cleaning.

The large format of BLOOM is made even more interesting by the ductility of the white body, by the slender thickness and the unexpected graphics, which take form on the ceramic material in intriguing 3D reliefs.

A perfect way of underlining the role of ceramics in interior design.


And when referring to big on style, this means FAP MAXXI, an embodiment of elegance in 120x278 cm and 6 mm thickness, ideal for covering all the environments in the home, from the living room to the kitchen, retail spaces, hotels, wellness centres and spas.  

The collection allows for the creation of continuous surfaces according to an essential aesthetic, typical of contemporary style, but also customised furnishings, walk-in wardrobes, console tables and even spectacular fireplaces, for a stunning and visually uniform total look using two different materials: a marble-effect porcelain stoneware in a super-glossy version or in a matte silk version, and a soft and material resin-effect stoneware, which captures the senses and makes you want to touch it.

Continue your journey through beauty, big on size!